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Harold Dow (1947-2010)

CBS reporter Harold Dow, who had been with the documentary series 48 Hours since it went on the air in 1988, died Saturday. Dow joined CBS in 1973 and over the course of his career interviewed everybody from Patty Hearst to O.J. Simpson. Up above is a piece he did on the legacy of civil-right pioneer Medgar Evers.


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Dow was a contributor to "48 Hours on Crack Street", the documentary of 1986, which led to the creation of the weekly "48 Hours". Before that, he had been co-anchor of "CBS News Nightwatch" and CBS correspondent and reporter in the press office of Los Angeles. He began his career with the network as a broadcast partner in 1972. Harold Dow http://usspost.com/harold-dow-15460

John Huddy

After an 11 year career at the Herald in 1982 I became one of the founding producers of CBS News Nighwatch, the first 4-hour live broadcast in network news history. Harold Dow was one of our five anchors and a favorite of everyone. Always cheerful, friendly, reliable and well prepared, Harold matured into one of the most respected reporters and anchors at CBS. My favorite story concerned the time Harold arrived late for the evening pre-tape interview session -- something he NEVER did before or since -- and I expressed my concern and unhappiness with great passion and no doubt to some excess. Taken aback, Harold was clearly upset and said to me, "OK, OK, I was late once, what are you going to do, call out the National Guard." I replied: "Harold, we've done just that. I have 250 heavily armed men surrounding the building even as we speak." Harold appeared stunned and then smiled and then shook his head -- and then broke into laughter.

This was a good man and I'm shocked at his sudden death. A loss for all of television news.

John Huddy
Los Angeles, CA.

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