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Why you won't see John Lithgow on Showtime

Because there are 72,000 Emmy awards, they have to start giving them out a week early. During Lithgow Saturday's Creative Arts Emmy ceremonies (otherwise known as the Crummy Emmys) John Lithgow won an award as best guest actor on a drama (notwithstanding that his "guest star" slot lasted all season long on Dexter). "I'm glad to have every chance to thank Matt Blank and Bob Greenblatt of HBO," Lithgow said said as he waved his Crummy Emmy. Oops. Matt Blank and Bob Greenblatt work at Showtime, which is the network on which Dexter airs.

Told backstage what he had said, Lithgow looked brokenhearted. "They'll probably be taking this back now," he said. Nah, John, nobody wants a Crummy Emmy.


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