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Go, Krytus! Up yours, Zermerik!

Mattel I've reviewed 17 television shows this week, and as a series of rather tart letters from readers points out, not one of them was targeted on the 7-and-under demographic, even though the Herald's super-secret spyware suggests that's the majority of the Changing Channels reading audience. (My editors think this is the result of random banging on computer keyboards by the kids, though I suspect it has Raggedyann more to do with the occasional salacious photo of Raggedy Ann that turns up here.)

Anyway, time to erase this cruel iniquity. Though I stupidly missed it last week, the totally excellent second season of Battle Force 5 is already underway. Krytus--the evil Red Sentient leader who was released from imprisonment in the final episode of the first season-- is back. And boy is he, umm, ticked. He's going to destroy Sage and punish Zemerik! Once the imprisoned Red Sentient warriors are released, the entire Multiverse is toast! The carnage unfolds at 10:30 a.m. Saturday on the Cartoon Network, as if you didn't already know that.


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But this Raggedy Ann, she's not part of Battle Force 5? That's the most important part that must be clarified.

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