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New show for Anderson Cooper? With THESE ratings?

Thursday's installment of News of the Weird leads with the announcement that Anderson Cooper Cooper3 is starting up a syndicated daytime TV talk show aimed at female viewers. (Launch is expected sometime in fall 2011.) Which can only be called a triumph of hype over common sense. Nielsen ratings released earlier this week for the third quarter of 2010 show Cooper's CNN show in a death spiral -- he's down to less than 600,000 viewers each night.

In fact, in a CNN lineup littered with the maimed and wounded, Cooper's show is the worst basket case of all. He's lost 42 percent of his audience over the past year, the biggest decline on the network. And it's women who are leading the exodus. Half of Cooper's female audience has disappeared over the past year, including a whopping 57 percent in the prime news age demo of 25 to 54. Good luck with the new show, Anderson.


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Cooper is a good fit for daytime and has always gotten a really strong response when he participates in daytime TV fair. The audiences who love watching him crack jokes and chatting about light topics during the day do not show up in great numbers to watch him be serious about hard news at night, but they are there when he is suiting their daytime likes.

Change of venue and genre can make a big difference. Glenn Beck was nothing when he was hosting his right wing show on HLN but he's cable news ratings powerhouse after switching over to FOX News. Ellen was never big in ratings as a sitcom star and then the show tanked after she came out, but daytime talk suits her and she's a huge success there.

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