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Screen Gems: TV the week of September 26

Dexter (9 p.m. Sunday, Showtime) -- After his wife's murder (for once, by somebody else) in last Dexter2 season's finale, Miami's favorite serial killer has to figure out what to do with his three kids as the show returns. No, eating them is not an option, though I'll admit I haven't seen the second episode yet.

Hachi: A Dog's Tale (9 p.m. Sunday, Hallmark Channel) -- It never got a U.S. theatrical release, but now the weepiest movie since Old Yeller finally makes it to American TV. For more than a year, audiences around the world have been sobbing inconsolably over this film about a dog that shows up every day looking for a master who has long since died. Richard Gere, Joan Allen and Jason Alexander star. OK, who's the wise guy in the back who asked which one plays the dog?

Bored to Death (10 p.m. Sunday, HBO) -- Not many thought this whimsical little Woody Allenesque comedy about a blocked writer who plays at being a detective would make it to a second season. But, hey, here it is, charming as ever.

When Worlds Collide (9 p.m. Monday, WPBT-PBS 2) -- Journalist Ruben Martinez narrates this documentary about how Spain conquered the New World, and vice-versa.

No Ordinary Family (8 p.m. Tuesday, ABC) -- A family survives a plane crash into the Amazon River and emerges with superpowers. The real miracle: The show is entertaining and not at all comic-booky, partly because Julie Benz and Michael Chiklis make a pretty grounded-in-reality mom and dad.

The Good Wife (10 p.m. Tuesday, CBS) -- This sharply etched drama about a wife struggling to keep her family from disintegrating after her politician husband is jailed in a sex-and-corruption scandal returns for a second season.

Empowered Patients (7 p.m. Saturday, CNN) -- When her newborn started having seizures, CNN reporter Elizabeth Cohen discovered how little she really knew about medical treatment, insurance or even how to ask doctors questions. This how-to documentary is the result of her rocky experience.

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