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Wednesday TV: Attack of the clones

Sometimes we love our television sets. Other times we want to throw them out the window. And there are even times we cheat on them with the saucy young videos on the Internet. In short, our televisions are like spouses. Only better, because spouses, no matter how much you might pray for them, do not come with mute buttons. (Microsoft's Wife 3.1 completely flopped in beta testing.)

The point of this little sociological discourse is that if you want to take the metaphor to the next level and marry your television set, which is legal as long as you're both heterosexual, Wednesday is the night to do it.

We've got something old (two lawyer shows), something new (a sitcom based on a Twitter feed), something borrowed (a ripped-off spy show and a fiercely derivative sitcom) and even something blue: Shatner The title of $#*! My Dad Says, in which the nonsense characters represent one of the seven words that we once quaintly thought you couldn't say on TV.

Read my full reviews of Undercovers, Better With You, $#*! My Dad Says, The Defenders and The Whole Truth in Wednesday's Miami Herald. MEDIA CRITICISM BONUS: The review has the long-awaited answer to the oft-asked question, who does CBS hate more, Andy Rooney or Wolf Blitzer?


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