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Could the show really be over for Rick Sanchez?

He's been publicly buried so many times and has always clawed his way back out of the graves: an FBI Ricksanchezshow investigation, a drunk-driving conviction, even being whipped in the ratings by Japanese cartoons. But can Rick Sanchez survive his meandering rant about Jewish control of the media, an ethnic slur that has already claimed his job?

The question was asked in broadcast studios and journalism classrooms all over the country Monday after Sanchez's weekend firing from his CNN anchor desk.

``I think his career is over,'' said Sam Roberts, a former CBS News producer and retired University of Miami journalism professor. ``I think he's just radioactive now, and I don't think any TV executive is willing to brave it.''

``You've seen Rick up, and you've seen Rick down, and he reinvents himself every time,'' countered Miami radio talk-show host Ninoska Perez. ``I think we'll see him up again.''

A wildly popular Miami anchor during the 1980s and '90s when he was one of the first Cuban Americans to make it on television, the 52-year-old Sanchez was fired Friday night from CNN after six years at the network.

His dismissal followed a satellite-radio interview in which Sanchez said he was the victim of anti-Hispanic prejudice by Jewish media bosses. Sanchez, frequently the target of derisive punch lines by Comedy Central host Jon Stewart, called Stewart ``a bigot'' and sneered at the suggestion that the Jewish Stewart has ever encountered discrimination. Read my full story on Sanchez in Tuesday's Miami Herald.


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