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Cristina: Univision fired me for being old

When my Herald pal Bridget Carey called Cristina Saralegui Wednesday for what she thought would be a Cristina routine story on Saralegui's new line of designer products, she got an earful. In August, in a statement filled with kissy-face admiration, Univision had announced Saralegui was retiring from her weekly talk show after two decades. But Saralegui now says a better word be "fired," and that Univision had accused of her breaking one of television's strictest rules: Don't get old. "They want to change the image of the network and get rid of older people and put young people there,'' Saralegui said. "I am too old for what they want to do. And I also think it was because I'm independent and because I call my shots.'' Read the full interview in Thursday's Miami Herald.


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Sweet Pink

Didn't we have a discrimination law? no layoff for age, creed, color, nationality, etc etc??

Graziella Sepulveda

It is about time for Cristina Saralegui to stay home.

Chris P

Cristina is still very exciting. You can see one of her best interviews on www.vivanowmedia.com

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