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A documentary on Cuba that doesn't mention snails

A reader appalled by the recent PBS Nature episode that lionized Fidel Castro as heroic advocate of the 
Castro rights of snails tipped me off to a documentary playing Wednesday night on EWTN, the Catholic church's cable television network. Called Cuba -- Winds of Change, it airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. and again Saturday at 5 a.m. Anglo-American filmmaker Jordan Allott shot much of the documentary inside Cuba, entering on his British passport and pretending to be a tourist. It's an examination of the place of the Catholic church in Cuba today, a decade after Pope John Paul II's visit, as well as the plight of political prisoners and other non-snail inhabitants of the island. I haven't seen it (EWTN never publicizes its programming or sends out screeners), but it sounds worth skipping Law & Order: Los Angeles for.


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