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Drink tequila like a dissolute TV star!

Aviontequila On the season of HBO's inside-the-biz comedy Entouragethat just ended a few weeks back, hot young movie star Vincent Chase got involved with -- in descending order of destructiveness -- cocaine, porn star Sasha Grey, and Avion tequila. It turns out Avion, just like Sasha, is real -- and much less expensive. Better yet, it went on sale in Florida just this month. Depending on how much Avion is aged, a bottle goes for between $40 and $60.

Avionbottle Avion turned up on Entourage because one of the company's founders, Kenny Dichter is a buddy of the show's producer, Doug Ellin. Personally I'd rather be pals with Sasha, which I guess is why Kenny is a zillionaire distiller and I'm -- well, not. Anyway, I've tasted Avion, in somewhat more moderate quantities than Vincent Chase did, and it's pretty good. It doesn't really attract porn stars, though. At least not that I noticed.


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Hey, I started doing coke just because Vinnie Chase was doin it on Entourage. "Give me a break." Unfortunately the tequila subplot was the most uninteresting storyline, ever on the series. It seemed the 'writers' did not even feel like writing it because it was too obvious of a marketing scheme so they gave the viewers a mediocre storyline.
I have tasted Avion tequila and like the writing, it was also mediocre. (my humble opinion of course)

Tim Franklin

RaineD - you are a moron. This was one of the most real plots ever on the show. Art imitating life. Almost every person I know loved the plot and all love the Avion. It puts Patron to shame which by the way is owned by a hair dresser. I am sure you drink that crap.

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