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Screen Gems: TV the week of October 24

Dead Set (12 a.m. Monday, IFC) -- If you've ever watched a reality show and wished that zombies would Deadset come rampaging through the set, strewing brains and intestines in all directions, we've got the show for you. In this five-part miniseries, airing at midnight Monday through Friday, the contestants on the British version of Big Brother are trapped inside their studio house by a British zombie outbreak. And getting voted out of the house means not a record contract or an appearance on The View but having your face eaten off. If only.

The Truth Behind Zombies (10 p.m. Saturday, National Geographic Channel)-- It's hard to remember now, but before George Romero unleashed his flesh-eating undead, movie zombies were always regular people enslaved by a voodoo spell. This documentary investigates reports of real-life zombification, the voodoo kind, in Haiti. Though if zombies can't really eat reality-show contestants, I'm losing interest in the whole phenomenon, personally.

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