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The CBS plan to explode Olbermann's brain


Anybody want to organize an office pool on how many people will throw shoes at their TV screens versus how many will stand up and cheer when Jim Axelrod's interview with George W. Bush airs on CBS' Sunday Morning this weekend? I'm thinking specifically of the moment when Axelrod asks him if he left the world a better place and Bush replies, without hesitation, "Absolutely!" You can watch it up above, though you may have to sit through a little commercial first. Those who prefer an ad-free site should go here instead.


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Douglas Gonzalez

The communist page, you gotta be kidding. Are you insinuating that Olbermann and like minded people,say, Democrats, are all communist. I thought I was going to be part of an intelligent conversation, instead I get childish name calling.
I should of known coming from such a closed minded, right wing individual as Glenn Garvin.
It's difficult to have a thought provoking discussion with people who don't believe in science and reason.

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