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The continued decline of the British empire

Once upon a time, the British were capable of standing alone and facing down Adolf Hitler. (Well, alone Tvcritic except for a few gazillion dollars worth of Lend-Lease military hardware from Franklin Roosevelt.) Now they seem content lie about their porches swilling Guinness and waving their UB-40s in a demanding manner. The latest example of Brit defeatism is the announcement of the Guardian's Charlie Brooker that he's calling it quits as a TV critic. His abjectly whiny explanation:

Why quit now?...Mostly because 11 years of essentially rewriting the phrase 'X is an arsehole haw haw haw' over and over until you hit the 650-word limit is enough for anyone.

Speak for yourself, you pathetic, pusillanimous punk. I intend to keep doing it until they pry my cold, dead fingers off either my computer keyboard or Leslie Moonves' throat, whichever comes first.


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