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Maggie Rodriguez and CBS grow more distant

When CBS fired Maggie Rodriquez and most of the rest of the on-air staff of The Early Show three Maggierodriguez weeks, network bosses said it was just a matter of ratings. They said they hoped Rodriguez would take another spot at CBS, perhaps on the Sunday Morning newscast or the documentary series 48 Hours.

Rodriguez, however, stayed mum about her plans. She still is, but I'm guessing the chances of her working on Sunday Morning or 48 Hoursare not good. Telemundo has announced that her husband Michael, who for the past several years has been working in New York as the network's vice president in charge of sales, is taking a different job: He's now in charge of Telemundo's multimedia development and distribution. That job is located in Miami, not New York, and Telemundo's press release says Michael's family is coming with him. That doesn't sound like Maggie  is planning to keep working for CBS, at least not at the network level.


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We miss you maggie. Too bad we can't get that channel or maybe we can get it on the internet. Please keep us updated. thanks


Maggie i wish you the best, but we thought you were too bland.


I have watched the Early show for years when Harry and Paula were the anchors. Now he is gone again and will surely be missed as well as Maggie and Dave. I loved watching all three of them interact and give us the weather and news every morning. They will all be sadly missed. I will be changing channels too!!


What is wrong with the Execs at CBS ? Maggie & Harry were the REASON we watched the Early Show. Nothing against the replacements, but starting my day will not be the same.


Maggie...As above the only reason I watched CBS were for Maggie, Harry and Dave. Wishing them all the best in their future endeavors.

Janet Rogers

I agree maggie, harry and dave were the reason for watching cbs news and i can not believe what they have done to them. I hate what i am seeing now with the three gone and i know it will only get worse, i can not stand the weekend people and think of chris and his flunkies for 2 hrs 5 days a week, I think i am going to be sick. Check cbs in the morning off my list!!!! Big mistake

Teresa Furnish

OMG no more Dave,Maggie or Harry. They are the reason for turning on the TV at 7AM each weekday morning. No more Early Show for me

Kim Spells

Maggie, Dave & Harry were the reason I watched the Early Show. They made the news bareable. It will not be the same.

Christine Christman

I will miss Maggie, Harry, and Dave. No more Early show for me either. CBS just can't get it together -this isn't the first time they've done the wipe the slate clean and it never worked before. See ya CBS news I'm on to networks that seem to care about their people.

Tara F.

Wow! I just saw the promo for the new show. I can't believe the change. I really loved Maggie's delivery. I don't think wiping the slate clean is the way to go. I don't like to pretend that I know these folks at all, but I really think Maggie is such a strong force in news-I always liked when she filled in for Katie Couric at night, too!

Sharon H.

I going to change channels -- I like Maggie, Harry and Dave--So long CBS

Olivia Haringa, Spring Branch, TX

I agree with most of the previous comments. Harry, Maggie and Dave made the Early Show. I will surely miss them all! The show is not the same without them and like the so many other viewers, I will switch channels. I hope CBS sees the error of their ways and brings them all back!
Harry, Maggie and Dave are professionals and I'm sure they'll be fine wherever they go next but I'm selfish. What about us viewers?


CBS sure not showing they care about their people will miss Harry,Maggie and Dave. Have watched for years but will be changing my morning TV to another channel. Bye

Jeanne Fingar

Harry was narrow minded and Maggie was self centered and had a big mouth. GREAT Change. We are happy to tune in to the new anchors. GO CBS...thank you


Well this seriously stinks. they were the reason I watched the Early Show and none other.
Guess I will be looking elsewhere.

Pam Schroeder

We agree with 99% of the above comments. We too will be switching networks as CBS has ruined the morning show as far as we are concerned. Maggie, Harry & Dave hang in there. We hope to see each of you again (soon) Please keep us informed as to what you will be doing.

Jim & Pam in Nebraska


I am really disappointed with your decision to replace Maggie, there are not enough hispanics on TV as it is. I really liked her and will be changing morning shows too!!!


Feel free to help us comment and support them here come see our fan page for more info too, I myself miss all of them already



Jane Gonzalez

I was disappointed when I was waiting for Maggie to come back from vacation but little did I know that she was not with the Early Show any more. OMG I loved Maggie, Harry, and Dave. What was CBS THINKING. No more Early Show for me

Posted by: Jane Gonzalez December 28, 2010 at 11:08


Harry, Dave and Maggie, so disappointed to hear that you have been let go. I know wherever you go, you will be a huge success. The morning show will never be the same. What a terrible surprise. I wish you all much success, you will be greatly missed.

Sarah Denver NC


I agree with most of the posts. Missing Maggie, Harry, & Dave. I will need to find another station in the morning becuase I do not like the replacements. No interaction...dull..CBS you really made a huge mistake. Wishing Maggie Harry and Dave the best and hope to see them again real soon


Low ratings? Why do they always blame the ones in front of the camera, when it's the ones behind that decides what goes on.Maybe CBS should get rid of some of their producers.Seems to me they are more to blame.Harry,Maggie and Dave will miss you.CBS SO LONG will not watch your shows anymore.

Kelley Leeper

I too watch because I love Harry & Maggie. Will miss you. Good luck to you in your future endeavors. Not sure which network I will watch now.
Kelley in Indiana


Well it looks like I will be changing morning shows! Maggie Harry and Dave were the reasons I watched. We will miss y'all!!

Suzanne Eder

What a wonderful group of people you have thrown away. They were interesting, interested,funny, loving, and mature in their thinking. How sad.


Erica Hill replacing Maggie!!!!!!!
She is so boring.
Maggie, we will miss you, Harry & David.
We will be watching NBC now.


I'm so sad to see 3 great news anchors leave the Early Show.... They are the reason i stopped watching the Today Show... Well I will have to switch back to the Today Show again.... We will miss you Dave, Maggie and Harry....


We watched The Early Show because of the lead in from our local CBS channel that we like. Have never been a huge fan of Harry or Maggie. Really like Erica when she fills in so am looking forward to her and Chris. Will however miss Dave. Good luck to the new anchors!


I switched to the CBS Early show because of the interation between Maggie, Harry and Dave. I will not be watching anymore. Back to Good Morning America.

Leroy Foslien

We will no longer be watching CBS Morning. Back to the Today show.


I ABSOLUTELY cannot believe that CBS fired MAGGIE and DAVE. This was the worst decision CBS has made in a long time. I have been loyal to this network for years and I have watched the early show for years and the reason why was because of the Early Show Anchors, I loved them! I am so sad, this has truly ruined my day to find this out. I will not be watching the Early Show anymore, as a matter of fact as soon as I'm finished with this post I will be turning the channel. Words of wisdom: You should bring Maggie and Dave back!


I only watched the Early Show because I liked Harry, Maggie and Dave. I won't be watching any more unless they bring them back.

Dan R.

CBS, what were you thinking? I always started my day with Maggie & Harry. I will be watching George Stephanopoulos on ABC or Mike & Mike on ESPN2 from now on.


DONE with CBS! As soon as I found out they were firing Harry, Maggie and Dave, I switched to The Today show. The new "Weather Girl" and that's what she is, NOT a Meteorologist, sounds like an idiot delivering the weather report, and Erica Hill is pompous and annoying. So Bye-Bye CBS you have just lost another previously Loyal viewer. And just for info-I am 43 years old, I know they are trying to appeal to a younger demographic group, but that's my opinion! Adios CBS!

Tina Williams

Where is Maggie? Where is Dave? Where is Harry?

You will be sorely missed, and I will no longer watch the early show. The chemistry of these 3 folks was golden. You had already taken Julie, but atleast she wanted to go. CBS has finally found the right combination again, and they were too impatient to let it grow. Should have changed other things about the show, but not the Team of people that I had come to love...that Americal has come to love!!

Firing them is like saying that the 2.7 MM folks that supported the show are not the crowd that you want. So good luck on find other crowds. It's the working folks that were supporting this show.

I expect to see turnover with the new crew within the next 2 years, but right now CBS will press forward with this lame decision because they don't want to hear, "we told you so!!"

Deborah Banister

Very bad move, CBS.... I always enjoyed Harry, Maggie & Dave and they did an excellent job. No more CBS for me any more...Thanks a lot for taking 3 good people off the air.

Joanne Daniels-Finegold

At least Dave and Harry got some recognition and a farewell from the show. Maggie's departure was a graceless and class-free act on the part of CBS-she never returned from vacation.


What a diservice to the CBS morning viewing audience by discarding such a wonderful team of players - Harry,Maggie,and Dave. What is the network trying to prove? I really hope that this "change" turns around and bites you in the butt.We'll see,won't we-or NOT! My morning news and weather information will definitiely be coming from another network.

dee minnich

you gotta be kidding! well, count me in on changing back to ABC or NBC. is this what happens with one wears glasses, balds, and has a family....out you go! I loved all 3, and they were the only reason I switched from ABC to once again start watching CBS in the morning. SHAME on CBS!

I Said It!

Maggie sucked. AND never connected with any audience. She's local TV (yes...that means Miami and nowhere else) and will never be anything but. She was ill-fitted to be on the network. When she took time off to have a child, she sealed her fate. The only one on that show that was any good was Harry..old school newsman.Dave was a total tool. Good luck with Wragge though. I worked with him and he's part Craftsman too!

Cheryl Colton

Without Harry, Maggie and Dave there is no show. Back to Robin and George for me. These three individuals are too good for CBS and will be scooped up for better things. Adios CBS.

Lisa Wartgow

No more CBS morning show for me, I loved Harry, Maggie and Dave, they will be missed dearly!
On to NBC I guess....

Paulette Ming

I will not be watching CBS news anymore! I'll go to another network. We want Harry,Maggie & Dave back!

Freda Brock

I had to go on CBS.com to find out what happened to 3 of the people who were the perfect topping to my morning cup of coffee. Kudo's to Maggie for moving where her husband's job is. I loved all three so much and as another post said, at least Harry and Dave got a last minute 'hurrah.' Dave was almost choked up and so was I watching the clip right here on the computer. Please, please Dave, somehow let us folks who loved you and your humor know where you are.

Jill Linscheid

Big mistake!!! I'll probably change channels now. I have been watching Harry for years. Me and my daughter look forward to Harry, Maggie, and Dave every monring. What in the world was CBS thinking!! Would love to find Maggie and Dave on another channel. Wishing all three the very best!

Frances Duran

I watched the show this morning Blah. Good by CBS. Your new weather girl is no match for Dave Price. Thank God there are other channels. You thought that your ratings were down. Guess they will be worse now.

Anna Santos

No more CBS for me. Harry was a 1st class act. Maggie was graceful and classy, and Dave was very humorous. The 3 made a great team. I will now be watching George and Robin on ABC. Very bad move on CBS's part firing these three.

Susan Archer

Erica is self focused and lacks any type of "class". I loved Maggie and her professionalism. Unfortunately, reality tv types are now " in". Will never watch CBS news again!
Susan in Pennsylvania

K. Jones

I agree, Dave, Maggie and Harry will be missed. I am not watching the early show. I am watchin Today. I have been upset since late November. I can hardly believe CBS would do this.
K. Jones

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