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Maggie Rodriguez and CBS grow more distant

When CBS fired Maggie Rodriquez and most of the rest of the on-air staff of The Early Show three Maggierodriguez weeks, network bosses said it was just a matter of ratings. They said they hoped Rodriguez would take another spot at CBS, perhaps on the Sunday Morning newscast or the documentary series 48 Hours.

Rodriguez, however, stayed mum about her plans. She still is, but I'm guessing the chances of her working on Sunday Morning or 48 Hoursare not good. Telemundo has announced that her husband Michael, who for the past several years has been working in New York as the network's vice president in charge of sales, is taking a different job: He's now in charge of Telemundo's multimedia development and distribution. That job is located in Miami, not New York, and Telemundo's press release says Michael's family is coming with him. That doesn't sound like Maggie  is planning to keep working for CBS, at least not at the network level.


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I agree,Dave,Maggie and Harry wwill be missed. I 'm switching to another show. Get a real meterologist; most listeners like the real deal.

kristen green

too bad about the changes, I thought Harry Smith was great.....wont be watching cbs early show anymore, the new "team" is too perky and fake...blah.......cbs is forcing their "comraderie" and it doesnt ring true....too bad......you got rid of a good thing....

j. cook

Today I tuned in briefly to the new team. I'm sorry, but I will not be watching The Early Show on CBS. Harry, Dave, and Maggie were a great team. Harry displayed such warmth and kindness. Dave was so funny and did such a great job. Maggie was so warm and such a lady. This team was a great team, and I am so sorry they are gone.


I will miss all 3 of them very much!!! Maggie was such a happy refreshing person to see every morning! I too will watch another news channel in the morning. Good Bye CBS!

Heather Newman

Maggie, Harry, and David were great. CBS did a disservice to them. Back to the Today show.

L Hicks

I have been so upset over this change. You had three of the best and I can't believe that you would do this I have watched CBS for years. I hope that the Disney Chanel beats you in the morning ratings. Going to enjoy ABC who by the way has had Robin on for years...

Dorothy A.

Very bad move I will watch morning Joe or abc with Robin and George. Why were you so mean to Maggie. CBS you have ruined a devoted watcher.

Mrs. Kolemainen

CBS made a tragic mistake by firing/releasing Harry, Maggie & Dave. I miss them like they were friends who chatted with me in my kitchen each morning. No more CBS morning news for me.
The truth is the reason for low ratings is purely the inexcusably poor content provided by CBS. The show's content has been far beneath the level of professionalism of the team for years. Harry, Maggie & Dave carried that morning show every day; submitting themselves to idle bantering, quips and stalls through countless fluff and tabloid trash with only crumbs of hardcore news brushed aside as if a nuissance.
Sad to see what CBS has in mind and sadder if that's what the younger generation wants.

Sylvia Estrada

I loved watching the CBS news in the morning while getting ready for work, but with Harry, Maggie and Dave. Without them, I don't want to watch it anymore. They are the reason I watched the news; I love the way they worked together. I think CBC made a mistake.

Sylvia in Texas.


I only watch the early show for Harry, Dave & Maggie. If the decision was made based on ratings I guess the ratings will continue to drop because the show sucks now. I will be watching ABC.

Holly S.

I just can't believe they are gone. I watched them every morning while getting dressed for work. What a shame. I wish Maggie, Dave, and Harry the best of luck.


Can't believe the EXE @ CBS, no wonder ratings are in the basement, not because of M,H,or D its management

J Hernandez

Love The Early Show! Dave Price was a class act and brought a lot of interest and cohesiveness to the show. The show just did not encompass top-notch news anchors. I was not impressed by Harry Smith's deliverance of the news, and Maggie Rodriguez always came across as arrogant and overbearing...while doing the news and amongst her colleagues. Would love to see more Hispanics in such roles, but not if they execute in this manner. It was refreshing when Erica Hill came on board! CBS missed the boat when they let Dave Price go. The new weather anchor does NOTHING for the show. The new lead anchors will enhance the show for sure. Will still remain true to TES, but if they were smart, they'd bring back, what was, their only true essence--Mr. Dave Price. Again, he was refreshing, real and sincere!


I agree with the fact that MAGGIE, HARRY AND DAVE MAKE IT MORE INTERESTING! a mix of personalities makes the show easier to watch and relate with.....I am gonna miss them!! The new persons, sorry to say, just aren't a match for Maggie, Harry and Dave.

New york viewer

wow... i turned on the tv to watch the amazing trio and found myself with new faces... guess i wasn't on the up and up of the whole switch a roe..but that's ok I was a faithful watcher of cbs morning news but not anymore the trio was the only reason i watched the news after the last shackup happened. I personly think cbs has made a big mistake.. the trio had a special chemistry it was like watching a real family at work. they all cared for each other and most of all had the upmost respect for each others work! unbeatable. best of luck to them and to cbs.. they just lost a viewer!!

David Snyder

Harry, Maggie and Dave were like 'comfort food' five mornings a week. Their interaction and chemistry has been a great way to start the day. I have endured a daily overdose of commercials and too many lame segments with little content just to see the three of them work together. I have watched the three shows this week and I had to check my watch to make sure I was not watching Entertainment Tonight. I have finally been driven back to that 'little black box' on my bedside table. Its called a radio and it is tuned to Morning Edition on NPR.

D, Robinson

I miss Maggie, Harry, and Dave, they were good together, this was not a good choice, the show now is lacking something, its ok. Enjoyed much more with Maggie, Harry, Dave, Erica, I thought thay made a good team!

R. Jimenez

Bad move, Harry, Maggie and Dave WERE the Early Show. They'll be missed and rating will fall.


To Maggie, Harry and Dave. The best to all of you, CBS was the loser in this Game of Chance.

Ruthann Weeks

I miss Maggie, Dave and Harry. I will not watch the new show. The new anchor smiles way too much and is not genuine and the weather girl is no Dave. What happened to talent. CBS lost me.


I am so mad that CBS would let those 3 go! They were the reason I watched the early show. Looks like I'm switching to ABC for early morning news. Harry was the early show and Dave was much more than the weatherman!! Love Maggie! What was CBS thinking with this move?


That was a huge mistake replacing Harry, Maggie and Dave! I will never watch the Early Show again. Erica was ok with Harry, Maggie and Dave but she is really boring with this new bunch, I think Marysol is so silly. Maggie had a lot of class! I don't know what Marysol is trying to prove but she will never be Maggie! CBS... you really screwed up big time! Changing networks completely....

James E. Aiken

I join all who miss Harry and Maggie. Both were gifted communicators with a good mix of serious and humor. CBS has lost me - as if it cares.
J.E. Aiken
Bigfork, MT


CBS, you suck! Bring back Maggie, Harry and Dave and send that Friedman exec packing! What an idiot!!! That's what happens when a VP puts his son in charge!

Richard maggi

I am now watching GMA. Erica Hill reminds me of a cat that just ate a canary and I can't stand watching her take Maggies place


CBS should of thought why ratings were down. Most of the time the executives have to blame someone and it is never their fault. So the blame is missed placed and the executives bought themselves more time(keeping their big jobs and salaries) at the expense of good reporters. The main reason ratings can not rise is the younger generations are not interested in watching news they get what they want to Know through e-mails, twitter, etc.. CBS needs to grow up I tried watching with the new reporters, but get real they are to immature for me. So haha, cute cute just does not cut it for this old man. Harry, Maggie and Dave good luck and God Bless and Good bye CBS.


I liked Dave and Harry, but Maggie was horrible. She always seemed angry, talked over guests she was interviewing and I'm really glad she is gone.


I am so sad to see Maggie Harry and Dave gone that was the start of my day. CBS what are you thinking they were great they were awesome know i am going to a new channel what next are you going to give scott Dennis and Kara the boot. The new people are so boring sorry but im hurt. You are lossing out on lots of viewers.
Tammy Bradley Dayville CT


I've tried to hang in there with the early show, but can't do it any more. I officially made the switch to GMA.


It appears hat by reading the previous comments that CS has made a terrible mistake in letting Maggie, Harry & Dave go. I totally agree with the majority of these comments. Please, Please bring them back as the present crew if as borring as watching grass grow. I also will be changing my TV watching in the mornint.

Daunice Parker

I really miss Maggie - I too have switched stations - I have always liked Meredith so now I will stay with her - good luck Maggie you are the best!!!


CBS made a huge mistake getting rid of Maggie, Harry and Dave. The new crew have absolutely no chemistry. Erica is pompous and the new weather girl is annoying. Will not be watching the Early Show any longer.


Get rid of marysol Castro she sucks!!!!

Alan Miller

I cannot believe that CBS,let go these three, Harry, Maggie,Dave. I have watch the early morning show for the last 10 years.It was a blast to look at what they could come up with. I'm sorry that they have let it go to this extent.IT looks as if I will watch ABC. Thank You, Sorry for our lost.AR


I have always loved Harry, Maggie and Dave together and have always watched CBS. I was so happy to see Harry back with CBS. Now, not so sure that I love the "new" morning crew. It is just not the same.


Not liking the new crew on The Early Show. The men are ok, but the women aren't in the same league. I don't know what it is with Erica Hill, but I don't like her for some reason. Something about her on-air personality. Nevertheless, if Dave was still doing the weather it would be a big step up. I don't think the team has the same chemistry as the old group.


Miss Maggie, Harry & Dave. Early show just not the same without them. Wonder how long before this new crew is dropped also. No need to cut the t.v. on in the mornings now.

luther meadows

i had no ideal what had happened,sad mistake for cbs.that is the only reason that i turned on to the morning show is for maggie,harry,dave.you can bet that i will be changing to a different station,will not be cbs!! i love you guys,not cbs.i know that you guys will find what ever you are looking for.take care. L.MEADOWS

J. P.

Well, it's been a few weeks now and I do have to say, what a mistake CBS. Chris and Hill and whoever that thing is that does the weather are all horrible. No personality at all, none of them. It hurts to watch the news now. I wish all the best to Harry, Maggie and Dave. What a great threesome. They all fit together like a glove. CBS should be ashamed. If it's not broke, don't fix it. There was nothing broke, why did you try to fix it? I will be watching some other channel from now on.

Alan Miller

Maggie, I hate what happen, I've always had fun watching the three of you. What ever you do,I know that you will be good at it.I hope we can find you on the TV or Internate. Looking foward to seeing you again. God Bless,Take care Alan25 Feb.11

Lynn H.

I'm switching to the Today show. I liked the Maggie, Harry, Dave family.


We love you Maggie. Please let us see you again.

J. Johnson

I hate the new format, it is dull, drab, unexciting and just blah. If I wanted to wake up to just news, I have CNN, Headline, Fox, MSNBC, Bloomberg etc. I do not want to start my day off with BLAH! How about advertising. That is what boost ratings. The idiots in charge are so far out of reach from the public they are trying to reach, they make decisions like this. Good luck but I wont be watching.
Tampa, Florida

Erin D.

Our family was so disappointed to learn that Maggie, Harry and Dave were leaving. For us, they MADE the show. We are not happy with their replacements. The chemistry is gone. We are changing channels. Would love to hear of where Maggie and Dave land.

Cami Dones

It's now mid March and still no news on Maggie. I saw Dave Price on "the doctors" and his title was CBS Weather Anchor, then I realized it was an old show. Where are Dave and Maggie?? I loved those three together, now I don't care what I watch in the morning!

C. Jones

I miss the old team and have switched to the Today show.. Shame on you CBS for doing what you did.. and replacing Maggie with Marisol! yuck! just because she is short and Latina .. don't make her MAGGIE!!

florence Issertell

Maggie, My husband and I miss you so much! You are so bubbly and cute. I enjoyed you every day. Now I can't watch the show at all. Good luck to you and your beautiful family. I hope you get on a show that we can watch you.
We will always be your fan,

Shirley Nettleton

My husband and I really miss Harry and especially Maggie. We changed to Today now. You lose!

Charlene Danks

They think there ratings were low. I guess now they are below the earth. Cannot get any lower than that. Maggie, Harry and Dave you were the best. We no longer watch CBS new except for Katie and now that she is leaving, I do not know what we will watch.


Maggie - we miss you! Would love to know where you are! Harry - I hope you get Katie's seat on the evening news. THAT would be wonderful!

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