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Making the case against heterosexual marriage

I don’t know if permitting gay marriage will ruin the institution, but I won’t be a bit surprised if Marry Marryme Me does. Anybody watching this Lifetime miniseries could reasonably conclude that there’s an inescapable correlation between matrimony and simpering twitdom.

This is the kind of show in which men propose 10 minutes into a date, and women study engagement rings with the intensity of theologians getting their first glimpse of a new Dead Sea scroll. The kind in which size really does matter in picking a mate — that is, the size of the wedding. The kind in which, when a female character stamps her foot and insists that “I don’t need a man to complete me!” you can practically see a little thought bubble over her head: But the cover of Brides Magazine, now that’s a different matter… Read my full review of Marry Me, which stars Lucy Liu, in Sunday's Miami Herald.


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