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Speaking truth to -- well, mediocrity

Most TV sportscasters are a fuzzy mass of collective buttkiss when doing college games. Every coach is Ibis a genius, every player a courageous warrior. But you can sure count Gary Danielson of CBS out of the ranks of sycophants. On the Sun Bowl telecast from El Paso just a few minutes ago, after Notre Dame (already ahead, 14-0) broke up a Miami kick return, Danielson snarled: "Miami better get it together or they're going to get their fannies whipped on national television. It's not that cold our there! Start playing football!"

Too bad the Miami bench isn't monitoring the CBS feed. On the next play, Miami quarterback Jacory Harris threw an interception. And then, another one. As I write this, Notre Dame leads 21-0.


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Mr. Gumsandals

I changed channels after that interception. I just couldn't watch anymore. It appears the team had no right to be in that bowl or any bowl. How embarrassing.

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