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'Being Human' and 'Harry's Law': Disappointing

In a fit of pique after discovering that his seedy townhouse is haunted, Josh rather pointedly suggests Human that Sally the ghost go rattle her chains elsewhere. She dismisses the idea and adds that Josh, a werewolf, and his roommate Aidan, a vampire, ought to be just a little bit more tolerant of metaphysical diversity. Shocked, Josh demands to know who told their secrets. Oh please, retorts Sally with a roll of her phantasmagoric eyes: “It’s all you ever talk about!”

True enough. Being Human, Syfy’s remake of a British comic drama about three supernatural roommates, is a bit like a Jerry Springer episode in which all the guests are lycanthropes or bloodsuckers: endless whiny psychobabble about spectral victimization, punctuated by the occasional bout of furniture smashing or throat tearing. I’m not one of those critics who thinks that the BBC is the world’s last refuge from the vulgarian cancer of American television. But possibly for the first time since we threw all that damn tea in the harbor, the Brits are right and the colonists wrong.

At least as disappointing as Being Human is NBC’s sketchy legal drama Harry’s Law. Though produced by David E. Kelley, who created Boston Legal, The Practice and Ally McBeal, Harry’s Law offers not even a hint that it’s written by someone who knows anything about either courtrooms or TV drama. Read my full Miami Herald reviews.


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