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Bubba the Love Sponge leaves XM Sirius

Bubba the Love Sponge has left XM Sirius satellite radio. He tells the Hollywood Reporter that he quit after Bubba XM Sirius tried to cut his salary from $1 million a year to $200,000 when his contract expired. It's part of a general round of cost-cutting at XM Sirius as the company tries to get out from under the competitive, high-priced deals that its two component networks -- XM and Sirius -- made before they merged in 2008. The real trimming will begin when some of the company's sports contracts (particularly baseball and the NFL) come up for renewal.


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Kevin Burns

i miss bubba on sirius but love him on internet radio. Still miss bubba in my truck


I bought Sirius radio, and enjoyed Bubba very much. He is the only reason that I kept it as long as I have. It looks like I will be canceling my subscription.

guido t

i have been a fan for 4 years now had people sign up to sirius after listening to him suits might not like him but real people out here love him .truckers that have to be 80 percent of sirius listens .we are the ones that sirius should be talking to not people in homes . that listen for maybe 1 to 2 hours a day ..i will not tell anyone to get sirius xm again and im sure there stocks will fall so hope it was a great move to offer such a low number to one of the best shows you had on your sirius xm radio ...and i also will not be renewing my contract with them thank you

Stanley Miller

I will miss afternoon drive with bubba. He made it easier to put in 4 hrs of driving. I am a over the road trucker. I see that I can get his show over my cell phone, so soon there will be no need for siruis radio in the truck soon. I use my mp3 for music. I do like Howard Stern, but bubba was the icing on the cake!

Jo Ryans

I loved bubba but come on 1million for essentially 4 hours of work a week. That is over 5k an hour. Come on now, Bubba claims to be a fan of the working man but then hangs us out to dry. Forget you Bubba, you sell out. I am on to Jason Ellis at 3pm.


Nothing is better than listening to Howard in the morning on the way into work and Bubba and crew in the afternoon / evening on the way home from work.
Sorely missed and really a bad decision by sirius to not secure talent.
Here's an idea cancel the opera channel and use the funds to secure Bubba.
Michael Q
Vernon Hills, IL.

John H

$200,000 was not enough to rebroadcast 4 shows a week and 1 live show? Wow!! I loved BTLS, however, he needs to check his ego at the door.

jonathan pangborn

Hey Jack butt John H he pays his crews salary out of the 200.000 so when divided up they would each get around 30.000 can you live on that


i bought my radio to listen to bubba... no bubba, no need for the radio. bubba is no howard, but 80million for the #1 and only 200,000 for the second rated show... come on sirius are you for real???????


One way Sirius keeps people is not answering their phone. I've been on hold for over 50 minutes now with customer care to cancel my subscription. Without Bubba Sirius is dry and boring. Tried the comedy channels, but same old jokes/stand-up repeated. Bad business move Sirius.

Chad S

I am just waiting to see if bubba is going to come back to sirius xm before i cancel. As soon as his spot is filled and its not the bubba crew, i am gone.


thank god that dumb redneck is off the air.

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