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It's my party, and I'll play Tommy Roe records if I want to


Not that I'm hinting for presents -- very much -- but here's what Bruce Kelly, the former WMXJ-102.7 morning man, sent me for my birthday. Bruce these days hosts a talk show on WZFG in Fargo, North Dakota. All that time on the tundra, huddled around a campfire of reindeer chips, has apparently given him a keen appreciation for video minimalism. And Tommy Roe's Hooray For Hazel, 45 years later, is still the greatest record ever made.


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Mr. Gumsandals

If he thinks this is the greatest record ever made no wonder he got banished to Fargo. On the other hand, if that is your sentiment, start packing your long johns because such is the fate of those who wouldn't know a good song if it bit them on the buttocks. Oh, yeah, happy birthday. Keep up whatever it is you do.

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