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'Perfect Couples': Perfect nonsense

One of the weird things about being a TV critic is that you remember all these shows that nobody ever Perfectcouples watched and have slipped into obscurity within weeks or even minutes of their debuts. Each is associated with some odd little fact or life lesson about television. For instance, though the world has long forgotten a 2008 sitcom called Unhitched, I will always remember it as the first (and, I sincerely hope, last) TV show ever to have pixilated a shot of monkey genitalia. Or Pasadena, a 2001 murder-mystery drama that I will always recall as the quintessential example of network programmers’ refusal to admit failure: Fox put it on hiatus after three weeks, never aired another episode but to this day hasn’t admitted that the show is canceled.

All this brings us to Perfect Couples, a new NBC sitcom that by next month will have been reduced to the answer to the trivia question What was the most forgettable network show to debut in January 2011? ( A. Ummm. …) It’s going to stick in my memory as an example of how hard it really is to make good TV shows. Read my full review of Perfect Couples in Thursday's Miami Herald.


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Tom Jicha

CBS has never acknowledged that The Cavanaughs has been canceled.


Unhitched was the best show Fox has had in 20 years. But I agree this show sucks.

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