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Screen Gems: Television the week of January 2

American Experience: Robert E. Lee (9 p.m. Monday, WPBT-PBS 2) Robert E. Lee, the South's top Robertelee military commander during the Civil War, has generally been treated kindly by historians -- even those with a acid view of the Confederacy - as a talented military tactician and an honorable man trapped by family loyalties. So this documentary, which offers a much harsher view of his military talents and domestic performance, will probably ruffle some feathers.

(9 p.m. Tuesday, ABC) Those flying-saucer space lizards who say they like us but fail to add "lightly sautéed in butter'' are back for a second season, hungrier than ever.

Southland (10 p.m. Tuesday, TNT) Picked up after NBC canceled its second season without airing a single episode (the network thought it was too dark), this intense cop drama had a surprisingly successful run on TNT last year. Now it returns for third season with the drug addiction of Officer John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) alienating his partner Ben Sherman (Ben McKenzie).

Note: Days and times for PBS shows are for the Miami area, and may differ elsewhere.

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