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November 24, 2006

Never a Dull Moment

What a day! It began with a dog rescue. I was on my way to the office this morning when I spotted a smallish, fawn-colored dog - obviously lost and scared - in the path of a bulldozer working on road construction on one of Miami's busiest thoroughfares. I pulled off the road and, with the help of two construction workers - thanks, guys - snagged the pup and got her into my car.

Miracle of miracles: she had a current Miami-Dade County rabies tag on her choke collar. I called Animal Services, they called the owner, gave her my number, and within a few minutes, the sweet little girl was back home (where she apparently worms her way out of a backyard fence).  There's a lesson here: TAGS SAVE LIVES.

THEN I get to the office, and within the hour word rockets through the newsroom that there's a guy with a gun on the 6th floor, in the newsroom of the Herald's Spanish language edition, El Nuevo Herald. Having been close to people who lived through something like this at my last paper - it happened a few weeks after I left the Courier-Journal in Louisville in '89, and seven people lost their lives - I wasn't about to hang around and see what happened. So I joined the Herald employees streaming out of the building, got some quotes, phoned them back to the Herald newsroom (on the 5th floor) then was dispatched to the home of the guy's soon-to-be ex-wife. She was understandably distraught, since they have two kids.

Anyway, it all ended peacefully. Go back to the Herald's main page to read the latest. And have a safe and sane weekend.


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