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December 26, 2006

12 Dogs of Christmas Poster

Good morning. I hope you're recovering from whatever celebratory excesses you committed this holiday weekend. I also hope you thoroughly enjoyed committing them.

Please take a look at page 8 in the A section of today's Miami Herald. There you'll find the 12 Dogs of Christmas poster, a glossy version of which was to have been included in yesterday's paper but, for reasons too complicated to explain, did not. You can also print it out from the MiamiHerald.com website. I'm sorry that the original plan didn't work out as planned; I'll let you know if/when/how the glossy version will be available.

Thanks to everyone for your support of the project. I can tell you that from e-mail and calls I've received, it accomplished its goal: to raise awareness of shelter animals as wonderful pets.



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Thank you so much Ellie and everyone from the Herald that worked so hard on this.
I especially love the "three unwise men" -truly inspired.

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