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February 22, 2007

That's Hip!

From a news release:


New Technology Allows Total Hip Replacement in the Small Breed Dog

Miami, FL – Miami Veterinary Specialists has performed the very first total hip replacement (East of Texas) for a small breed dog named “Monty.”  Total hip replacement (THR) has been available to large breed dogs since 1974.  Now, brand new technology is making this very successful surgery possible for dogs as little as 7 pounds.

A much better alternative to the Femoral Head and Neck Ostectomy (FHO), the total hips for the small breed dog allow a return to normalcy.  FHO, previously the only means to treat the small dog with a disabling condition of the hip joint, has many drawbacks. 

According to Dr. Juan Sardinas, DACVS, DECVS of Miami Veterinary Specialists, “With FHO, it’s easy to remove the head and neck, but sometimes the dog doesn’t use the leg for weeks or never uses it well at all.  Recovery from surgery is long and painful.  The long term result is not good.”  In addition, the limb lacks normal range of motion.  There is also upward displacement and limb shortening.  Patients who undergo an FHO also do not regain normal muscle mass and experience pain with manipulation.  For Monty, a local Yorkshire Terrier, a total hip replacement at Miami Veterinary Specialists, in June, was the right choice.  The results to date have been excellent.  Normal weight bearing was achieved several days post-op, in a dog that was lame for several months prior to surgery. 

Monty’s referring Veterinarian, Dr. Ted Sanchez of Silver Bluff Animal Clinic says, “I think a lot of veterinarians are unaware that they make total hips that small.  It’s a great option to other surgical procedures.”  Monty’s owner, Dr. Gina Melnick agrees.  “The day we brought him home, besides being a bit sluggish, he was back to normal.  Literally within a week, Monty was running around the house and jumping.”

For more information on total hip replacement, you can read Monty’s case study online at www.mvshospital.com and click on “About Us” at the top of the home page.  Then click “Case Studies.” 

About Miami Veterinary Specialists:

Serving as a regional referral, emergency and critical care center, Miami Veterinary Specialists (MVS) accepts cases requiring advanced specialized, surgical and medical treatments.  MVS does not offer routine veterinary care.  All specialty patients at Miami Veterinary Specialists are treated by referral only from the family veterinarian.  Miami Veterinary Specialists is located at 8601 Sunset Drive, Miami.  The phone number is  305-665-2820.


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Good evening, my name is Eliana, I am Vetrinarian specialist in internal medicine, i work in mexico, but i need to know how did you pay for de surgery because I have a patient ZOE is a Bulldog and she needs the same surgery. Can you tell me about the price_ Thank you and have a good night

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