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February 26, 2007

The Black Lab Pair and Owner With Cancer?

If you live in South Florida and have anything at all to do with rescue, you no doubt got an email and/or flier about a brace of georgeous black Labs whose owner has terminal cancer and has to place them. It says call Peggy Adams Shelter in Palm Beach.

Well, I just did, for an update, and imagine my surprise when customer service rep Jamie Goodale told me: "We never had them. We get about 100 calls a day about them. Maybe the man was going to bring them here but he never did.'

So all I can say is: If this is a hoax, the hoaxter deserves a big, steaming pile of shame heaped upon him/her. If in fact there is a dying man who's desperate to place the dogs and got a home, that's a good thing. But there's a lesson here for all who, because they care so much about the critters, don't check out stuff that reaches them from unknown sources (that includes upirs truly, who blogged the item a couple weeks ago): Pick up the phone and call the contact number before passing on something that isn't true and might take up a lot of time better spent on legitimate matters.


nevWe jamie goodale customer service rep. get 100 calls a day. we don't know if he was planning on it-- never ended up here.


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