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March 29, 2007

Renters and Pets

    CHICAGO, March 29 /PRNewswire/ -- People are passionate about their pets as a recent Apartments.com survey of renters indicates more than 84 percent of respondents own one...More than one-third of survey respondents state that it was very difficult to find an apartment that allowed pets, however, more than 85 percent currently live in an apartment property that permits pets.

    The Apartments.com survey also found that 67 percent of the properties that allow pets require a pet deposit or other pet-related fee.

    In addition, 14 percent of pet owners say that a community's pet policy is the first thing they consider when visiting and selecting an apartment.

"I love having a pet in my apartment because it feels more like home. The people in the entire building seem nicer and friendlier since the pets also brighten up the common areas," a survey respondent commented.

Of the renters who do not have a pet, more than 63 percent plan to have one in the future and more than 32 percent of renters are currently without a pet because of pet restrictions.

Karen Okura, manager of behavior and training for the Anti-Cruelty Society adds, "Many people feel that pets are more than a part of the family -- they are family. And that's why it would never enter a renter's mind to move without their dogs, their cats, their birds. Family never leaves another family member behind."

    Apartments.com allows renters to search for apartments that allow pets including specific search criteria for cats, small dogs (under 25 lbs) and large dogs. According to the Apartments.com search data, the most popular states for pet searches are:
    1.  Colorado
    2.  Oregon
    3.  Washington
    4.  Kansas
    5.  New Hampshire
    6.  Arizona
    7.  New Mexico
    8.  Missouri
    9.  Ohio
    10. Minnesota
    Search data reflects the number of March 2007 pet searches compared to
all searches by state on Apartments.com.


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