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May 29, 2007

More About Kitten Season

I want to share something from my colleague, Sidonie Sawyer, a Travel Section editor, that perfectly illustrates the sad results of failing to spay and neuter. I know I'm preaching to the choir on this blog - who else reads it besides animal freaks? - but on the off chance that someone wanders in who doesn't "get'' the spay/neuter thing, please read carefully.

Sunday, I had to cut umbilical cords. Yes, with an S, as in two cords!

The kittens were born on a quiet sidewalk, almost under a bush, but not quite. The mother probably did her best to take them under cover but those two did not make it. When I found them, they still had the placenta bag attached to their cords.

I took my smallest scissors, the ones I use to cut my bangs, ran them through a match flame, wiped them with witch hazel, and swiftly cut the tiny thread, hoping it would not hurt them.

My heartbeat was fast. Then I wrapped the now single furry balls in towels and fed them some warm water with an eye dropper. I did not think she would, but my neighbor's female cat, who had just given birth herself a day earlier, took the little ones to her nipple, or at least, to be fair, did not kill them on the spot, and the last time I saw them, they were alive and fed!

Please adopt. Please sterilize. Please care!


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