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May 31, 2007

NFL Player Suspect in Pit Bull Fighting

There's been a search warrant for nearly a week for Atlanta Falcon Michael Vick's Virginia property, where there's more than probably cause to believe he's been breeding, fighting and killing pit bulls. Why has the warrant been languishing? Because the county attorney ask that it not be executed. Why? Who knows. Ya THINK it could have something to do with Vick being rich and famous? Sickening. Click here for the story.

An offshoot of the scandal: this all seems to be a big joke to some of Vick's NFL pals, one of whom - Clinton Portis - was quoted as saying the dogs are Vick's property and he can do with them as be please. How sensitive. The Redskins, his team, "apologized.'' Right. That's all it takes to make it ok! Click here. Sheesh...


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Vick's contract to promote AirTrans has not been renewed. He had a one-year contract that had been renewed twice. No one gave a reason why. Maybe the dogfighting allegations came back to bite him.

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