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June 27, 2007

Another Contest

If These Pets Could Talk, What Amazing Tails They Would Tell Emily Procter Helps Launch the “Doing More for Pets” Campaign, Highlighting the Most Remarkable Pet Rescue Survival Stories St. Louis, Mo. – Some of the greatest stories ever told are based on real life events. Whether it is a heroic tale of endurance or overcoming a life-threatening illness, truth can be more compelling than fiction. Surprisingly, many of these stories are not penned by best-selling authors or seen in movies. Instead, they are true adventures of rescued pets, which have inspired the rescue community and animal lovers everywhere. Purina® Pro Plan® has launched the voting process to determine the grand prize winner in the Rally to Rescue™ “Doing More for Pets” Rescue Stories Contest. This nation-wide campaign promotes the amazing but often untold stories of pet rescue, and raises awareness about its importance. “Doing More for Pets” honors rescued pets that have overcome great odds to survive and thrive under harrowing circumstances, thanks to the incredible hard work and dedication of small pet rescue organizations. Being put out with the trash, thrown from a moving car or nearly shot for no longer wanting to hunt, some pet rescue stories may seem too unbelievable to be real. Even more astonishing are the miraculous recoveries made by these extraordinary pets from such thoughtless acts of neglect. More than 100 rescue stories were submitted and a judging panel selected 10 success stories that genuinely touched their hearts. These stories demonstrated that by doing more and going the extra mile, these dedicated pet rescue workers changed the lives of 10 exceptional dogs and cats. In addition, actress and pet lover Emily Procter (“CSI: Miami”, “West Wing”), participated in the review process of the finalists. Pets honored as finalists for the Rally to Rescue “Doing More for Pets” Rescue Stories Contest include: · Indy, submitted by Julie Kramer of Midwest Rescue of Illinois (Glenview, Ill.) Indy overcame from being thrown out of a car at a busy truck stop to providing love and kindness to three children with developmental disabilities. · Rummy, submitted by Angie Claussen of Husky Heaven, Inc. (Houston, Texas). Rummy came to Husky Heaven blind, bald and infected with heartworms after being severely neglected by his previous owner. Now he his happy, healthy and performing a number of doggie tricks. Cassie, submitted by Jan Knoche of Love a Golden Rescue (St. Louis, Mo.) Cassie lived with orthopedic problems and epilepsy. After a few months of rehabilitation, she now is wagging her tail for a family that gave her a real life for the first time. · Biscuit, submitted by Cindy Tuttle of Saving Pyrs in Need, Inc. (Garland, Texas). Biscuit was left with animal control covered in urine and ticks. She was rescued, cleaned up and loved, but disappeared on the way to see the veterinarian. Biscuit could not bear to be away from the family that nursed her back to health, she returned the next day and was promptly adopted. · Max, submitted by Theresa Clifford of The Cat Shack (Trexlertown, Pa.). Max was put out with the trash and left to fend for himself. Rescued and recovered from injuries, Max now works to help troubled therapy patients by enriching their lives. · Sebastian, submitted by Marci Smith of Stepping Stone German Shepard Rescue (Paris, Ky.). Sebastian was abandoned by a backyard breeder at the age of two, but found a forever home. Today he proudly serves as the Mascot for Stepping Stone German Shepard Rescue. · Hans, submitted by Dwane Howard of Southern Siberian Rescue (Raleigh, N.C.). Hans was discovered with cuts and holes in his face, muzzle, ears and head, and teeth that were hanging by threads of his gums. After surgery and a lot of love and attention, Hans has found a forever home and is happy as can be. · Nova, submitted by J. Brandy Gardes of From the Heart Animal Rescue (Canutillo, Texas). Nova was found broken and bleeding after being dragged by a truck. After lots of love, three surgeries and countless bandages, Nova is fully recovered. Her sweet nature provides joy for her new family. · Bandit, submitted by Joan Lindberg of Minnesota-Wisconsin Collie Rescue (Esko, Minn.). Bandit suffered major injuries in a severe car accident and his owners wanted him to be euthanized. Their veterinarian believed Bandit deserved more and convinced the owners to release him into her care. Bandit's condition improved and is now getting plenty of exercise living with a family that raises horses and sled dogs. · Susie, submitted by Bill Glotz of American Brittany Rescue (Earlville,Ill.). Susie was purchased to be a hunting dog and was not socialized with others. When she no longer wished to hunt, her owner decided to shoot her. Susie was rescued from this fate and now has a new leash on life, interacting with other pets and has earned AKC titles in jumpers, weaves and standard novice agility. “The images and stories of these 10 pets are very heart-warming and compelling,” said Emily Procter. “I’m in awe of the unwavering spirit of these animals, and I’m honored to help share their incredible stories. As an owner of a rescued cat with his own extraordinary story, I really want these pets and the amazing people who rescued them to get the recognition they so truly deserve.” Through September 30, 2007, these 10 stories will be highlighted on www.rallytorescue.org. Animal lovers are encouraged to visit the site and vote for the dog or cat they believe has made the most significant transformation. In October, the finalist with the most votes will be announced by Emily Procter as the winner of the Rally to Rescue “Doing More for Pets” Rescue Stories Contest. The pet rescue organization who nominated the winning pet will receive $5,000 in Purina Pro Plan coupons. Click here for more information.


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