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July 30, 2007

Are These Guys a Hoot?!

Lunaandkids00_dogs_pro_ho Now, I can't even begin to imagine the acrobatics that went on in the act of puppy love that created these extremely amusing critters. German sheherd/bassett hound? Corgi/ridgeback? Who knows. But they're at Animal Services and they need homes.

Luna (mom in center) is raising the kids (Pedro & Pablo) to be very playful, affectionate and friendly. Luna’s attributes – besides beauty - are sociability and willingness to please.

They are all dressed up and ready to enjoy life at the beach, the park, your house, and the entire Sunshine State.

They are a great loving family excited about meeting your family. Arrival Story:  Their guardians surrendered them because they didn’t have time for them.  They are looking for a new home that will appreciate their qualities and friendliness and give them the love and attention they deserve. Call 305-805-1778.

The Sunshine Family

Luna ID# A0878388      1 year old

Pedro ID# A0982629          3 months old

Pablo ID# A0982630          3 months old


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