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July 27, 2007

Why Not Pets? (In Miami, Dead People Vote)


George and Sugar are the mascots for www.mypoliticalpets.com.  They are from Belton,TX, and are giving pet owners and their pet(s) the opportunity to vote for the next President of United States.  In addition to having fun with the pets and the 2008 election, there’s a mission that we are trying to achieve.  A portion of the proceeds from the website, marketplace, etc, will be donated to the Second Chance Animal Shelter in Central Texas. The facilities they are currently operating in are very small and falling apart.  A new building disparately needs to be developed.  The reason George and Sugar picked Second Chance is that majority of the animal adoptions are by the men and women stationed at Ft Hood Army base.  It’s the only No Kill Shelter in Central Texas. By developing a new shelter, those in the service that have pet’s, but no where to leave them, will have a place to go.  Our belief is “Second Chance can take care of their pet, while they are taking care of us”.


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