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September 28, 2007

Local Hero

Palena Dorsey, a South Florida rescuer, is in third place in Animal Planet's Animal Hero of the Year competition.

A friend writes that she "lives, eats, sleeps, breathes and sweats rescue 24/7. The description of her on Animal Planet's website grossly under-represents Palena and her work. Not only does Palena have her own sanctuary in Clewiston, but she has single-handedly forged a group of 1,000 rescue organizations into a force to be reckoned with as far as saving dogs bound for death in shelters and puppy mills from Florida to the Midwest.''

Palena is a legal secretary in Fort Lauderdale who drives every morning and evening to/from Clewiston during the week, and performs truly heroic rescues. Click here to vote for her.

I recently had an e-mail exchange with Palena that left me speechless. Here's what she said:

"I am doing a massive (puppy-mill) rescue this week... that will save about 125, some of which are blind - without legs, and one that is so wounded we cannot transport yet...plus a Lab that is torn open on one side head to tail from a shelter - a blind Peke with a bulging eye - from a shelter - a little 4 pound 'pom-chi' that is trying to kill the world from a shelter etc.''

Etcetera?! I can't even imagine what else there is. She certainly gets MY vote. I stand in awe.

Observation: All the Hero contestants are women. Hmmm........


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I too know Palena. She is a rescuer that doesn't say no. This past February there was a Great Dane at Clay CO. FL Animal Control. this Dane was rail thin and hip dysphasia so bad it could not stand. The shelter asked why we bothered as they though he no chance to make it. With months of rehabilitation at Palena's Sanctuary he was a different dog he now is adopted and living a better life.

There are many good rescues but I really believe Palena deserves this.

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