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September 26, 2007

Maltese Needs a Home ASAP!!

From Trainer Tracy:

Within the next 2 days I will need to find a good home for a tiny female maltese.   I think she may be too tiny for a home with kids unless they are older.  Little "Snowy," aka "my little Shadow," as I have been calling her, came to my doorstep on Sunday.  I want to give the owners a couple more days to post signs or list a lost ad, but after that, she's got to go!  We went to the vet today and she is negative for heartworms and parasites and she weighs 3.1 lbs.  Her teeth are typically gross for a toy breed with little, if any veterinary care and I suspect she came from a property in my neighborhood who call themselves "breeders" of maltese, pit bulls and american bulldogs - nice mix, huh?  She is not spayed but is shaved by the nipples, apparently for ease of nursing.  As she was roaming the streets, she may well be "just" pregnant, so needs to be spayed and have a dental ASAP!  I shudder to think of a dog this tiny, bred by God-knows-what, attempting to deliver puppies.  I am sure she has already suffered through too many deliveries, as it is. She is crate-trained and house-broken but definitely prefers to sleep in bed with us!  Has only had a few poop accidents because I have been over-feeding as she seems starved.  She eats dry dog food (Life's Abundance) like it's canned cat food!  HELP!  Her ideal home would be with someone who wants a lap dog and can afford some significant vet bills right off the bat.  She'll need shots, hw prevention, and, as I mentioned, spay and dental right away.  She lifts her leg like a boy, and I'm a little concerned about luxating patella (s).  Hard to guess at age cause of her teeth, but vet thinks maybe between 3 and 5.

INTERESTED? E-mail pets@miamiherald.com.


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I've been reading a lot of posts already regarding Maltese needing a home. I hope they found home by now. They're such lovely dogs. If only they could fit in my house, I would take them all.

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