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September 28, 2007

Whole Bunch 'o Critters Need Homes

Paloma29_pets_pro_ho_3 Let's start with Paloma. From the rescuer: This adorable Boxer puppy needs a home.  You know how we always say “DON’T give animals as presents”?  Well, here’s why.  This puppy was a gift and the recipient doesn’t want her.  So! She needs a forever home.  If you might want to adopt her, please call 305-491-5416 for more information. 

Next up: Dogs28_pets_pro_ho_3

These guys, who were found foaming around The Falls Shopping Center neighborhood. The rescuer says they both had PetSafe collars, "the ones that shock the dogs if they leave the backyard. The collars were on so tight both dogs were bleeding badly around their necks. I took them to my local vet and the doctor said do not return them to the owners because they have been mistreated. They are both very loving dogs I have a dog and a 2 year old daughter and they have both been very sweet to us. The larger dog is a pure bred Labrador Retriever, 6-7 years old, male and the small dog is a pure bred American Eskimo (spitz), also male, 3-4 years old. The seem very attached to each other. They have not been nutered. They are wonderful around kids and other dogs but don't seem to care for cats very much. They wouldn't harm a cat but they have been barking constantly at the cats. I would love to find them both a loving, caring home. Call 305-905-6760 or 786-299-6703.

And finally, Bear and Jordan. Beara29_pets_pro_ho_2 Jordanb29_pets_pro_ho_2

The owner of these guys was evicted and sleeping on his lawn with the dogs until they were rescued. They are now ready for their forever homes. Please read the message from the rescuer:

Bear and Jordan are doing very well--I took them to my vet, and they checked out very well--all healthy!! They got their shots, both were neutered, bathed/groomed, and now ready to go!! Now that I've had them for a little bit, I can tell you that they would probably do best going to a home together, but I don't think it would be the end of the world if they didn't. Jordan, being deaf, is very much a follower--you've got to call the other dogs to get him to come, or you've got to just walk right up to him to get his attention. He has to be one of the cutest and sweetest dogs I've ever met. He'd actually be an awesome dog to live with someone in a condo, or townhouse too--he can't hear people in the hallways, and I literally have to tap him a few times to wake him up in the mornings and when I come home. He's playful, for sure, but he doesn't seem like the type who would go stir-crazy if he didn't go for really long walks all the time. He's just very content to be with people, and lay around.

Bear is awesome!!! He's got a PERSONALITY!! Sweet, sweet, sweet dog. I have FIVE dogs in my house right now, and he's the first one to burst out of the kitchen wagging his tail to greet you. He's got hilarious expressions, and is very playful, but NOT rough. I have a little female Corgi-something mix, and I have to keep her calm and from knocking him over, but he is bigger and very sweet to her. It's my evening entertainment.

Bear listens well, he'll come when called and Jordan usually is right there behind him. I am always a little careful to touch and pickup new dogs--you never know if one just doesn't like to be held--and these boys could care less--you can do anything to them. The are great on leashes. They have wonderful personalities, and VERY friendly, but they DO NOT jump all over you when you walk through the door (something I'd like them to teach my own 3!!!). They look REALLY hairy, but the shedding is really pretty minimal (especially in comparison to my Rottweiler!!) We have a pool, and live on the water, and they do great with it--they stay away. They do not have accidents in the house, and they are GREAT at using the doggie door we have. Any person who gets these two gentlemen should consider themselves lucky--they are truly wonderful pets.

Here are a couple of recent pictures--the white one is "Jordan" (and you can change his name to anything anytime!! He's (mostly) deaf, so I guess it doesn't matter what you call him as far as he's concerned!!!!) He weighs 47 lbs. I can easily pick him up and put him in my SUV and on my bed. The black one is "Bear", and he weighs 45 lbs--same thing, easy to pick up. Call (305)-379-5235 or(305)-961-8336.


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I hope these cute Eskies find their home soon. They deserve to be taken care of.

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