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November 30, 2007

Scrappy Needs a Home

Scrappy Here's his story, from the Good Samaritan who saved him:

"My friend was driving to work a couple of weeks ago and saw this little dog that had been hit by a car. He thought the dog was dead but as he drove by, the dog lifted up his head and barked. So my friend turned back, picked him up and took him to the vet. The vet checked him out and he seemed to be in good health, except for a slight concussion (he's a tough little guy). Anyway, the vet called the Humane Society but they were full and couldn't take him. The only other options were to A) call Animal Control and have him put to sleep, or B) find someone to adopt him. I could not, in good conscience, let the little guy be put to sleep for no reason (he didn't hurt anyone, he doesn't have a disease, etc). So I adopted the dog and brought him home. The problem is that he is a terrier mix and has a lot of energy, and I live in an apartment. But he is VERY smart and very trainable (in 2 days he's already learned his name, to walk submissively, "here" and "sit"). He's almost potty trained (only 1 accident in the house so far) and with some patience and dedication, he can be trained to respond to a lot of commands. He also sleeps in his crate (you have to bribe him with a treat though) and does not cry or bark at all the whole night. But he needs room to run and play (preferably a yard) and I don't have that. I don't want to have him crated or on a leash all the time because that's no life for him. In addition to that I have allergies and they have been going crazy since I got him.

Vitals: His name is Scrappy, he weighs about 18 lbs (he is full grown, not a puppy), has all his shots, no heartworm, is neutered and has a microchip (not registered yet). I have his crate, food, toys, etc so his new owner wouldn't have to get anything else for now. Keep in mind that he was a stray (he had a collar but no tag when he was found) so he's still learning how to be a "normal" dog.

Please - I need your help to find this little guy a home. I really don't want to take him to the Humane Society but I can't keep him. Please pass along my info to anyone you know in Dade/Broward, and maybe I'll be able to find him a better home.''
Interested? Call 305-279-6084 or 305-332-1965.


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