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November 28, 2007

Transit Workers Unite for the Dogs of War

Poster00_bruno_pjtspets_ho_3 Sorry the picture is so blurry, but this is a great story. (The tiny pix at the bottom are employees and their pets). Kudos to everyone at SERTA who participated. Other workplaces and groups should consider a similar project. It's also a really nice thing to do for the holidays.

"When the Marketing Department of the South Florida Regional
Transportation Authority (SFRTA) was looking for a project to
take on as a team building exercise, they needed look no farther
than Bruno Packs, a national effort that originated in Chicago.
The program sends snacks, treats, toys and goods to K-9 units
abroad, primarily in Iraq. These are items which greatly enhance
the quality of life for the troops, but are virtually inaccessible in the field.

   When other SFRTA departments found out about the project, the enthusiasm for it spread throughout the agency, and then onto colleagues at Miami-Dade Transit, and customers and employees at
Sadie’s Café in Pompano Beach, as well.

The choice of a project to help canines was a natural one for the SFRTA Marketing Department, which has won statewide and national advertising competitions for a recent campaign which touted the expanded Tri-Rail service with the help of a dachshund, golden retriever, and trio of miniature poodles.

In addition to the hundreds of items collected from employees and customers, a poster was created to accompany the packs to help cover the cost of postage. For a $5 contribution, sponsors could send a photo of their own pets to the troops, personalizing the effort for both the donors and the recipients.

   Service dogs improve and save the lives of our soldiers abroad. Their loyalty to our troops is legendary. SFRTA, MDT and Sadie’s collected such things as doggie goggles, doggie eye
wipes, tennis balls, biscuits, chew ropes and brushes for the four-legged soldiers and welcome items including oatmeal, sun screen and wet wipes for their handlers.''

For more information about Bruno Packs, go to  http://thehousehound.net/ and scroll to the bottom.



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