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December 14, 2007

Shocking HSUS Investigation of a Fancy-Shmancy Pet Store that Celebs Patronize

It's a great Humane Society of the US undercover investigation that rips the lid off a scandal: that a store where stars by puppies gets them from puppy mills.  Check it out.


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I cannolt beleive the Miami Herald has been duped by a fake story. So here ya read it and publish the truth.. It works just fine. and in the future try to print "News that is fit to print".. do a little research first.

Monday, December 17, 2007
HSUS Tricks American Animal Lovers... Again
By: Joe Overlease
Advocate for Fair and Truthful Reporting

In recent weeks the HSUS, (Not your local Humane Society) has conducted a campaign of terror on unsuspecting dog breeders and pet stores across the United States.

The misconception by the average American is the HSUS is a legal entity having some form of federal authority. They in actuality do not, although they carry official looking badges.. the badges carry no authority in any jurisdiction.

The HSUS have arrived on private property with hidden cameras and have intimated owners to surrender their dogs in fear. They represent themselves as inspectors, but they have no authority to inspect anything. To the unsuspecting and un informed breeder this can be a tragedy beyond belief.

These people (HSUS Inspectors) conduct themselves like the Gestapo, they bully and intimidate, and they use any means of false reporting to discredit their target. By using selective photographs and often make comments about conditions and or events that are not even or have never occurred at the property they are targeting.

Recently the HSUS targeted a Pet Store in Southern California and made the public think they had been conducting business illegally. There report said the Pet Store was buying its inventory form "Puppy Mills". a puppy mill is a
unlicensed breeding facility. Pet stores are required to buy only from licensed and inspected USDA facilities. So they have not lied and they have not misrepresented themselves or their puppies

They the HSUS reported the store only bought puppies from individual breeders. In the business of raising dogs, the entire industry in made up of individual breeders, this is a cottage industry, where the majority of all breeders are small family operations. But to hear the HSUS report you would think Standard Oil is involved in some sinister plot. Again the Pet Store has done nothing wrong, They are buying animals from American breeders who are licensed and inspected and are legal in everyway..

This heavy handed smear tactic has caused a great deal of damage to this local business and the media, happily went along with the scam..

The HSUS report showed examples of kennels and called them "Puppy Mills", to the unsuspecting public they have no reason to challenge the report. But... The truth is most of the kennels shown are state of the art USDA design approved facilities and exceed all federal standards. It is not clear if the photo’s used were actually any of the suppliers of the store.

The HSUS is a organization that raises millions of dollars each year through a large secret layered organization of so called charities, they spend pennies
for the actual benefit of any animal any where in America. However, most people think when they give to the HSUS they are helping their local Humane Society...Sadly Not one dime goes to your local facilities as they are not even related to each other in anyway.

The next time you get asked to donate for the benefit of animals, you should make sure the money is in fact going to a shelter that really needs the support... Don't be tricked again by the HSUS .

Posted by Joe Overlease at 8:27 PM 0 comments

Kansas Breeder Victim of HSUS Gestapo
By Jamie Reno | Newsweek Web Exclusive

Welcome to the world of the HSUS and Animal Rights. This story is about the fact no one has broken the law. But the HSUS will stop and take any means necessary to make a media sensation. No matter the cost.

The report said the kennel smelled of urine... according to whom? Is there a state law on how urine should smell, Where was the reporter standing . When "she" defined the urine in here report. Was "She" and her so called daughter down wind from the septic system? "She" failed to say... The state inspectors job is to write a quality report and do a good visit when he is on the property. Little things like air exchangers in the kennel buildings just as in a restaurant sometimes fail... that was the case almost three years ago the problem had been repaired. I can't help but to notice the breeder wasn't asked either. and how about the sharp points? When dogs are housed on a wire floor system the metal becomes fatigued, are we speaking on one broker wire or thousands?

On further investigation the report the reporter was referring to was almost least three years old!

The reporters or so called investigative reporters are two women, we have their names and their addresses. They did not enter any of the buildings and we not allowed on the kennel property property... So I guess at the end of the day they best have deep pockets.. ...

Shame on you girls... you just can't go around and make up stories but I am sure you will find what the the cost of tuition is soon. But we will leave that to the lawyers... I think it is a great case.

Folks this is America, were we have the right to pursue happiness, it's guaranteed by the constitution. These people are honest hard working people and have done nothing wrong.. We are also promised due process where our accusers can be met face to face. The little weasels have violated the entire basis of the laws of our country..

I am appealing to all Americans to stand up to these outrageous acts of terror and demand these Gestapo tactics be stopped by HSUS and their hired thugs.

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