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December 14, 2007

So Sad

This is from someone who witnessed a  heartbreaking shelter surrender in Jacksonville. A dog chews a phone cord - penalty is death. Read it and weep. I did.   

Date: 2007-12-12, 7:37PM EST

I just had to share with you an email that I received from a rescue friend in Jacksonville. Please read and know that although this is in Jacksonville, this is also happening hundreds and thousands of time in Broward County. PLEASE take pet ownership seriously! These precious, loving, loyal animals do NOT deserve this!! They ARE man's best friend! In good times and bad times, they'll always be there for you and never judge you! Be kind to them and love them the way they deserve!!

Please go to Animal Control and adopt one of the animals whose life is in danger! Also, there are many private rescuers you can adopt from. When you adopt from them, there is another space for another animal who would be euthanized, if not rescued. Please be sure that you're ready to commit, and give an animal a forever, loving home. There are also a zillion cats who need homes! Don't forget them.

"I saw you with Scrap today. You were smiling and for a while Scrap was sitting next to you with his tail wagging. You were standing in front of the intake counter at Jacksonville Animal Control. You were explaining that you couldn't keep him because he chewed through a $5.00 dollar telephone cord. I heard the lady tell you that they take in at least 100 dogs a day and that Scrap would most likely be euthanized, because he is a bigger dog. You were still smiling and Scrap was still looking up at you with his tail wagging wondering if the new adventure with you was going to involve some new dog friends that he could hear frantically barking all over the building. The lady asked if you wanted his collar and his leash you took them off as the lady put on his new plastic Animal Control, ID collar and an Animal Control leash. Scrap was still a good boy still wagging his tail. As you walked out the door you were still smiling.
When you walked out the door Scrap stopped smiling. As he was tied up Scrap's tail stopped wagging and went between his legs he started crying. Scrap kept trying to get to you long after you were gone. The lady at Animal Control felt bad for him and tried to give him a treat but all Scrap wanted was to be with you he kept crying. The Animal Control Officer came to get him and Scrap left with him his tail between his legs and his head down. Scrap knew then that you were leaving him at that place and you weren't coming back.
Scrap has seven days until he dies, Scrap probably won't live until Christmas. This is a true story this just happened yesterday. I don't expect that anyone is going to run down to Jax Animal Control and get Scrap but please if you are thinking about taking your pet to Animal Control don't. If you are looking for a pet then check at Animal Control there are so many Scrap's there."

In the picture below, you can see Scrap turning. That is when his owner was WALKING OUT THE DOOR and leaving him! What would Scrap say if he could talk?? Instead, he whimpers!!! How sad is that???!!!!!


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I guess some people just don't get it. Dogs are not like kitchen appliances, to be tossed away when some small glitch happens. They are indeed loving, loyal, dedicated flesh and blood creatures that trust in their humans. I'd gladly reimburse that woman the lousy $5.00 the telephone cord cost, to save the life of this wonderful dog.

That is the saddest thing I've ever read. I don't understand how people can treat animals that way. I could never do that to my dog...no matter how bad of a day I've had, my dog always cheers me up.

I don't understand how people can be so heartless. I would have given her the $5.00 myself. My heart breaks for these animals. I love my animals just like they were kids. I feel like animal euthanizia should be outlawed unless the animal is really sick & beyond help.I also think there should be a cap on breeding of any animals, how many liter's a female can have, then mandatory the breeder's spay them & neuter the males. Also fines & sentencing strictly inforced. These animals hurt like we do & we are the voice of the abused & neglected weather it be people are pets.

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