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February 28, 2008

About the Video Below

Meet Ellie, who is MUCH cuter than I am. I was doing a story about the Miami-Dade County animal shelter a couple years ago and the photographer shot a picture of this precious girl in a cage. The photo editor at the time, Jose Iglesias, was looking through the day's shots, saw her and freaked out. A Jack Russell at the shelter??!! He couldn't believe it. We called Dr. Sara Pizano, department director, who kept her in her office overnight and the next day, Jose went barrelling down there and fetched her. They've been quite the pair ever since - a relationship that nearly ended tragically a few weeks ago when the little devil got hold of a bufo toad while Jose was in NYC with me at Westminster. But thanks to a quick-thinking landlord and the miracle workers at Hollywood Animal Hospital, Ellie pulled through and is just as terrier-istic as she's ever been. (One thing learned from that experience: it isn't what makes it into the stomach that's so deadly; it's contact with the mouth, so if, heaven forbid, your dog gets one of those nasty reptiles, wipe down the gums, tongue, inside of the mouth ASAP).


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What a happy ending to a almost tragic situation.
Kudo's to the people that took care of this ill animal while he was away. The best to Mr. Iglesias in having such a wonderful little dog.
Jose the best to you and your little pet in 2009.
Ellie keep up the good work.

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