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March 25, 2008

Back from Vacation (with critter tales)

Coat ...in Southern Arizona, where I caught a glimpse of one of these. Give up? It's a coatimundi! It's sort of like a cross between a racoon and a possum, and very cute. They're all over the place in the SE corner of the state, where I was horeseback riding and hiking - at times in snow flurries! - for the better part of a week. Bliss! Also saw hummingbirds, lots of finches, pheobes, flycatchers, cardinals, red-tail hawks, and a painted redstart, which was a pretty big thrill (if you like to watch birds, which I do). PaintThere was a mountain lion in the area that a naturalist saw tree three coatis, but we missed that spectacle. The wildflowers were not quite at their peak, but still quite breathtaking - hillsides carpeted with yellow-orange Mexican poppies, and all sorts of other blooms in yellow, red, white and purple. I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'd love to still be out there, but such is life.


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