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May 20, 2008

Reducing the “Revolving Door” Syndrome at Animal Shelters and Rescues Nationwide      

Education is one of the keys to pet parenting success.  In order to help ensure that adopted pets become “Pets for Life” Humane Society University is offering an ONLINE course, “Animal Behavior Helplines.”  This course is for shelter staff members and volunteers who answer questions from pet owners about behavior problems.  Learn how to handle dog and cat behavior problems in different situations. Students will cover the fundamentals of learning theory and receive specific diagnostic recommendations.  In addition, the course covers counseling skills, the tools and materials for creating an effective helpline and teaching helpline subject matter to others.

WHO:  Humane Society University

WHAT:  ONLINE COURSE “Animal Behavior Helplines”

WHEN:  Course begins June 9th (lasts 8 weeks)  *Please see related course below, which starts September 8th


TO REGISTER AND TO LEARN MORE, go to humanesociety.org/university and enter the word Helplines in the keyword search

Part of The HSUS Pets for Life program involves providing assistance to animal shelter staff to help improve the level of care provided for the animals. This series of courses is designed for both the supervisor and front-line staff to learn the latest information and techniques available to establish a behavior evaluation program, improve animal handling, reduce the level of stress for the animal, and make more informed decisions regarding adoption matches. Agencies that implement the techniques in these courses increase the likelihood that their adoptions will be successful.  There are four courses in the Certificate program. 

--Evaluating Your Shelter: Are You Ready to Implement a Behavior Program? (Ongoing online course, 2-5 hour, self-paced, FREE)
--Course Two: Animal Handling and Stress Reduction: Working with Animals in the Shelter (contact HSU for a future course date)
--Course Three: Behavior Assessment (contact HSU for a future course date)
--Course Four: Making Good Matches and Community Outreach: Working with the Public Before and After Adoption (4 weeks, $99 tuition, starts September 8th)
Courses may be taken individually. However, Evaluating Your Shelter: Are You Ready to Implement a Behavior Program? is a prerequisite for the remaining courses.
Successfully complete all four courses, and you can earn a Pets for Life Behavior Certificate from HSU.

Humane Society University (HSU) offers on-site workshops, on-line courses and degree programs to help volunteers and animal care workers gain the skills needed to maximize their ability to help animals. Humane Society University is the training arm of the Humane Society of the United States. Workshops are offered on-line or at host facilities nationwide.


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