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June 30, 2008

Broward Humane Rescues Puppy Mill Survivors

Here's the news release. And here's my editorial comment: Bravo Broward! These poor critters come from a dreadful situation - as are all puppy mills - and now they have a chance to find loving homes. I hope everyone who can, will pitch in to help the shelter care for these guys.

Fort Lauderdale, FL  – The four Humane Society oBroward County (HSBC) staff are returning from Hickman County Tennessee located just west of Nashville, where a puppy mill, known as Pine Bluff Kennels was closed by authorities.  The team and their precious cargo are expected to arrive between 3:30 AM – 6:00 AM on Monday, June 30th.  The shelter is located at 2070 Griffin Rd., just west of I-95.  They are bringing back approximately 130 dogs, most of them adults who have spent their lives in small, cramped cages, producing litters to supply pet stores and more recently sold over the internet.  The trip is 935 miles one-way and the team expects it will take approximately 15 ½ hours to return.

The dogs that will be coming to the shelter are a variety of ages, but primarily young adults.  There are some pregnant dogs as well as dogs with puppies, but these will all be sent to volunteer foster homes, until they are old enough to go up for adoption. When they animals arrive they will be fed and given the chance to rest from their long journey.  Shelter staff will evaluate the dogs and hope to have a few available for adoption by Tuesday afternoon.  As the week goes more and more will be made available for adoption. These dogs have been through a tremendous ordeal and were found living in disgusting conditions. According to authorities, the kennels had wire floors, were living in their own waste with little water and moldy food.  Sadly deceased dogs were found among those living.  Authorities moved the dogs from the mill to another staging area where they were photographed and documented as evidence. Several shelters from around the country also made the trip to assist in finding homes for these dogs, there were more than 700 animals in total. 

In order to help these animals the shelter is in need of the following donations: shampoo, toys, towels, paper towels, wee wee pads and monetary donations to help with the trip and medical expenses.

The Humane Society of Broward County is a private, non-profit organization that is supported 100% by donations from people and companies that want to help us help the homeless animals.  If you would like to help, visit our website at http://humanebroward.com/


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I am just wondering, how come the humane society of broward county would rather go out and get animals from outside the state than get the animals from the broward animal care who will be put to death on Monday....it makes no sense...

Also how about doing an article on Broward Animal control....They do good work with the little that they have....i adopted a wonderful baby there and they were awesome....

Broward Humane Society is not a no kill organization...i wonder how many of the puppy mill survivors will be euthanized later for space provisions.....

I am told the In-Humane Society of Broward
County kills 2 out of 3 dogs brought in.

Afer Animal Control transferred 30 dogs on
a Sunday from a "hoarder" I could only find
about 5 there. I was told they were being


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