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August 14, 2008

Dog Dies While Cop Detains Frantic Owners

"Not our finest hour," the police chief of San Antonio, Texas, acknowledges.


Couple says dog dies while they waited for ticket

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Aug. 14, 2008, 2:00PM

SAN ANTONIO — San Marcos police are investigating an officer who pulled over a speeding car, then kept the occupants waiting even though they were rushing a dying dog to an emergency veterinary clinic.

Michael Gonzalez was allegedly driving 95 mph when he and girlfriend Krystal Hernandez were pulled over after midnight Aug. 5 as they headed south on Interstate 35 toward a clinic in New Braunfels. The teacup poodle, Missy, died while the pair said they waited 20 minutes for Officer Paul Stephens to issue a ticket.

"This was not our finest hour," said San Marcos Police Chief Howard Williams. "It was not handled right by our officer, but whether there was a violation of our policy that is subject to punishment, I don't know."

Williams said the department began an investigation after Gonzalez filed a complaint over the incident.

Gonzalez and Hernandez said they pleaded with Stephens to allow them to continue on and later turn themselves in to be ticketed. They also said they offered for Gonzalez to stay behind while Hernandez drove with Missy to New Braunfels.

Hernandez said Stephens responded: "Chill out, it's just a dog, you can buy another one."

The dog had started choking at home, then threw up and went limp.

Gonzalez said Stephens then talked with two other officers on the scene and didn't allow him to leave for 20 minutes. Missy was dead by then, Gonzalez said.

Williams still said Gonzalez should not have been driving so fast.

Gonzalez said he's been told the ticket will be dropped.

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if my dog had a problem like that i wouldn't have even stopped for the PD, i would have called 911 and told them what was going on and if the PD wanted to meet there to give me a ticket or take me to jail thats fine. That cop was a f****** a******

Never in my life have I ever not defended our officers in Texas, until now! Yes, they were endangering others, but why could the officer not have given them an escort to the emergency vet or something??? Yes, as in his words, "it's just a dog". Maybe so, but that dog is a living creature!!! What he did is no different than what others get arrested for when they endanger an animals life! The officer is guilty of animal crualty by letting that dog suffer and die instead of getting it to help! He should be punished to the fullest extent of the law just like a normal citizen that would've done that. When are the cops here going to get treated like us normal people when they do something wrong??? It really makes me wonder how much we can trust and depend on our officers in Texas. Learn some compassion people!!! I am so humiliated!!!

Please, this cop does NOT deserve to be a cop.. He has no common sence, he has proved his indifference to life, reguardless - he had not the right to make that decision - "..it is only a dog you can buy another one.."...
He is guilty & should be punished to the FULL extent of the law...
And removed from being able to effect negatively any other people placed in his charge....

Watch the video from the police car -


He should be taken off the force and given a job as a bouncer at a bar where his bully attitude could be of use. What an insensitive piece of crap this man is.

Apparently you'll have to scroll down and click on the video. I don't know why a different video comes up on that link in my message above.

I was OUTRAGED over watching this video. I can't believe this happened the way it did. It was late granted he was speeding but as i heard there was'nt anyone around him for him to hit. Like the cop said what IF a family of 4 was hit by them. What family of 4? And those words over and over "It's just a damn dog"??? OMG you could tell the first time he said it, that this LOW LIFE PIECE OF CRAP does'nt have a life nor a pet. If i was anywhere near this PoS! i would kick the hell out of him. I really hope these 2 take that whole city for everything they got in court and i really hope this low life goes to jail so he can meet a ole BUBBY JOE BOY to make him there B****! Your trash you punk a@@ SOB. You think cause you wear a badge you think your all big and bad? Pfft your nothing but a puss as PUNK!

You guys - come on - I am a dog owner - I have been my whole life and I love all of my animals. That said - they are animals and people are more important. The driver was hugely at fault - just as the cop said in the video. He could have killed people - if a person died while he tried to save a dog that would be a true tragedy.

Let me guess "Sam" posters, your a PIG? Oh i mean COP? Or married to ONE? Or related to one? Cause your answer sure the **** sounds like you are. Maybe ya should of looked the speed limit was 75 he was BY WHAT RETARDED COP said going 95 not no 100. And just think back to a time you were in a 45 zone driving and MIGHT of went 65? Or a 55 going 75? You were 20 over too. Trust me that cop needs the worse a@@ kicking of his life to teach the little pvssy punk a lesson. That would be stop bullyin, stop being a retard and GET SOME COMMON SENSE. I mean the girlfriend even offered to leave her b/f BEHIND as she left slowly to try and safe the dog. I really hope you lose your pet Sam. I do cause your comment TRULY shows you don't give a care in the world about pets. So please just shut up go get rid of ya dog and let it have a better home than what he/she is living in now. P.S. IF your dog was chocking and only had mins. to live? Why do i have the feeling your dumba@@ would just sit there and watch it die lol. Your sad I HOPE this POS goes to jail, loses his job and his life. Bye

Are you kidding me Sam I live in Fl and going down I-75 with speed limit of 70- people easily go 90, Yes he was speeding but that can be addressed at a later time. I watch ASPCA shows all the time and that COP needs to be punish to the FULL extent of the law for killing that dog. OK great you caught the driver speeding 95 mph. NOW GET SOME F****** HELP FOR THE DIEING DOG BECAUSE IT IS A DAM LIVING BEING! NEVER ONCE DID HE RADIO OR ASK THE APPRARENT "ALL THESE COPS" TO ESCORT THE DAM DOG TO A VET! HOW RETARDED ARE YOU. I think at least the cop should be jailed for killing an animal, pulled off the force and the cops that were there that night should be punished to some extent for not calling in help.

I feel sorry for the dog and the dog owner but the man was endangering the lives of other human beings. I was hit at 60mph, broadsided, with my son in the car, because some kid was rushing his dog to the vet. Whos life is more precious, mine or a dog?

Even if there were such a thing as a pet ambulance they can only drive over a certain speed limit.. I think that both are in the wrong honestly

I would always choose human over a dog...come on people the cop was right and I agree with him 100% ahh may be 99%.

I lost my dog one year ago. I thought I was never going to get over it. I'm still not over it but the pain is getting easier to handle. If that police officer was a kind human being he would have escorted the people to the vet then written the ticket. Yes, he was wrong speeding but the cop was wrong as well.

P.S. I like dogs more than I like most humans.

HOW UN-PROFESSIONAL that cop acted/looked..! If that cop is anything similiar to the whole police department of SAN ANTONIO (as a whole) then I truely feel sorry for the people of San Antonio inwhich they enforce! Can we say, "A POWER TRIPPING A-HOLE WHO THINKS HE'S GODS GIFT TO LAW ENFORCEMENT". He better get a couple of months off for this with no pay and/or make him pay for another dog for them. I can probably bet my life on it that he never came out publicly and apologized. Now think about this one - if we as citizens did anything remotely comparable to this we'd get arrested for animal cruelity/neglect...!

maybe we should let the cop choke and then watch him die.
cold hearted pig. he should buy them a new dog before he gets fired.

Just a dog? Hmmmm, that's compassion. The officer may have been doing his job, but he was wrong, wrong, wrong. That dog, or the two involved should not have had to deal with that. If anything, the cop could have helped and then ticketed, but no, he chose to be a jerk.

Karma babe. I hope you never have to be rushed to the hospital.

OMFG !!! what a F****** A**H** ...man I wish I could do more then post a F****** comment about this!...pets for some people are like children ... clearly this F****** PIG!! dosen't know that ..man this just made me sick to my stomach! what goes around comes around hopefully this PIG will get whats coming to him...

Police officers serve the public!! They are not supposed to be bullies and dog killers. Once the officer stopped that car and realized the situation, his responsibilty should have been a safe escort to save that dog. What a pig!!! This reinforces my dim view of cops. I am thoroughly sickened by what I saw and he is, no doubt, a dog killing pig. Where does one draw the line anyway? What if that was his 90 year old grandma. would that cop think she wasnt worth saving??? I hope there is going to be charges filed against him. Barbie

BAD KARMA Mr. Big Bad Policeman! YOU really better pray for yourself and your family (and pets if you have one)that you never need to be rushed to the hospital in a life or death situation. Youve pretty much determined the fate of that! How do you sleep at night? You cannot tell me you have never let anyone "off" the hook for something at one time or another. You make me sick to my stomach. I only wish I could be there when you get yours!

The pigs are fu***** douches.
I can't fuc**** stand them anymore.
Do you realize there is a new story every week on how a cop or cops screwed up???

Why could he have not done something about the dog first and then do all the lecturing and ticketing and fining after?

This is why i have no respect for the idiots that are supposed to protect and serve. Alqaida and Bin Laden need to start terrorizing and killing cops instead of terrible acts like 9/11.

In texas you kill something you die too, that cop shoudld be hung and let people watch him choke to death

How about we let that POS cop choke to death and we get a new cop?

What happens if you kill a police dog? Your charged with murder! thats what..just like you killed a human police officer... but dont fool yourselves into thinking anything will be done about this..it's texas for christ sake..

I'm responding to the comment that the driver was at fault for putting people at risk. This in no way explains why the cop did not help the driver once he found out what the situation was. The cop was having an ego trip, which is not at all unusual. What ought to be unusual is for an officer of the law, sworn to protect and defend, to cause another person's pet to die. This kind of behavior from police officers, sadly, is not confined to one part of the country. I frequently see cops driving past people who are having car trouble and never stopping to help. Two days ago I was helping a driver get his car out of an intersection, and a motorcycle cop went past without bothering to ask if we were O.K. Again, cops are often not really as concerned with people's welfare as they are with feeding their own egos.

Want to know more about Police brutality what it's really about and know your RIGHTS GO TO- www,roguepolicebrutality.com BAD POLICE OFFICERS SHOULD- "GO STRAIGHT TO -JAIL!Officer-Paul Stephens,NEEDS TO GO STRAIGHT TO -JAIL and or PUT INTO A MENTAL-INTITUTION.Mark my words,you HAVEN'T HEARD the LAST of this Purberty-Police-officer This time he's- "MURDERED" A,LITTLE INNOCENT -PUPPY- Next time it will be a HUMAN-being.
He,Paul Stephens ,is Just thevery"TIP" of the ,iceburge.All over this great country of ours their are ,thousands of police officers walking around (JUST -LIKE HIM)-with-"RAMBO"-style look and an "ATTITUDE" of RAMBO to go with it,They walk aound with a "snub-nose"- revoler in their left ankle a,"nine"on their right,Two sholder holsters- one with a,"nine"under one arm and a"45" under the other add to which a "nine",in their back belt add mace and pepper-spray a Shot-Gun in the passenger side of the partol-car and in the "truck"??? who- knows.???a "nurular-weapon??- "three times Over-kill. Add the -"GOD" LIKE ATTITUDE THE-"rambo"APPERANCE AND A "INSECURITY- complex so deeply seeded a M.R.I.-wouldn't find it you got a "RECIEPEE" for DANGER a "TICKING" Time-BOMB- ready to,"EXPLODE" ...WANT ONE OF THOSE!! PULLING YOU OVER!and YOUR paying your hard earned TAX-dollars for this type of,"PROTECT and to SERVE"..This country is running RAMPANT ,expeditiously so WITH,"SCUM-BAG"- POLICE OFFICERS IN EVERY COMMUNITY.From small to large cities as well as in Federal-Goverment -law enforcement.It's time We the PEOPLE the CITIZENS,of the,UNITED STATES of AMERICAN take HOLD of or RIGHTS AGAIN founded by our forefathers SET-DOWN in the CONTITUTION Their"Still Their"in the Fourthteenth,FIFTH and FOURTH- Amendments.NOTE: Don't get me (wrong) here .We need and appricate good POLICE DEPARTMENTS AND "GOOD" POLICE OFFICERS,That know their JOB do it well,But handle their givin "AUTHORITY",with RESTRAINT and good jugement and common sence.And treat people with "RESPECT" and some mearsure oF KINDNESS and COMPASSION..The AUTHORITY,BADGE AND A GUN ,DOES NOT JUSTIFY the use of,POLICE MISS-CONDUCT,ABUSE and BRUTALITY,in any way.THIS TYPE OF POLICE OFFICERS HAS -SERIOUS ISSUES PERSONALLY AND IS,"EXTREEMLY-DANGERIOPUS",TO EVERY PERSON HE MEETS..Our RIGHTS ARE SLOWLY BUT SURELY, BEING SLIPPED AWAY IN THE,"SILENTS of the NIGHT" UNLESS we the people,(TAKE HOLD OF WHAT AND WHO WE ARE AND TAKE A "STAND" AGAINT THIS major issue-NOW)STOP un-lawfull acts of police brutality,today join the FIGHT with
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This completely broke my heart. You could hear the desperation in the poor guys voice. The pleading...and there was absolutley no sympathy or understanding on the officers part. How many times have you been doing the speed limit in the fast lane and an officer rides you to get out of his way just so HE can go faster??? A lot of ethics down the toilet with this one. I would think that in that situation officers would be there so SERVE and Protect. They definetly could have aided in that situation and then posted him up on the law. Totally innapropriate to ask him "what are you on"? How sad! He was on adrenaline to save the life of his tiny helpless family member! Shame on you officer!

That's an awful story. I can't imagine losing my dog in such a way.

Wow, all of you people who are saying the officer was in the wrong must not appreciate the life a human being, compared to a dog. I'm a dog lover and have 2 of my own, but never would i endanger the life of bystandard for my dogs. You wouldn't be saying this if the idiot driver would have rear ended someone and caused their car to flip and then kill an innocent child in the back seat would you. no, you would then complain that the officer was not doing his job. maybe if you took a walk in the shoes of a poilce officer, all of you would understand why we do the things we do. but instead, none of you have the guts to do our job.

this video broke my heart the first time I saw it and made me remove all superballs from my house so my little guy doesnt choke on them.

this cop was a complete douche and I feel that he shouldve helped them get the dog to the hospital. rather, he asks the man 'what is he on?' and lectures him about speeding whilst disregarding the dog's life.

what if his children were being rushed to the ER and he was pulled over for speeding and the officer said, 'its just a child you an have more?'


The people posting on here saying OMG HE WAS SPEEDIN, HE DESERVED IT, GOD BLESS OUR POLICE!!!!1111 are obviously unaware that the speed limits on almost all Texas highways are over 75 (and many of the ones I've been on are 80). So basically he was going, at most, 15 mph over. Certainly not worth the high handed lecture or letting the dog die.

Personally, I hope this cop's children die horrible deaths in front of him.

What that cop did was so unbelievably cruel. That man and his girlfriend were trying to save the life of something they loved. I dont care if it was potato. They were in serious pain and the cop could have helped. But he chose to power trip. He was not protecting the safety of others, he was torturing the owner and enjoying every moment of it. And if you think that he won't do the same to you or your child, given the chance, think again.

Oh, and to the officer who says anyone saying that the cop was in the wrong doesnt care about human life... Sir you are way off. I do care very much about human life, and that includes the life of that owner. I consider forcing a man to watch his beloved pet die pretty UNCARING about human life. The cop (I use the word "cop" to be polite) could have helped the guy get his dog safely to the vet clinic and then dealt with guy. As a veterinarian, I know a number of cases where police officers have done this exact thing. They SERVED the public. They HELPED. What this guy did was absolutely sadistic. Absolutely sadistic. It was violent. And that man should not be allowed to wear a police uniform. period. And if you cannot see the sadistic cruelty assaulted on a human being in this video, you Sir, should not be wearing a uniform either. And yes, I'd rather be raped and murder by a pyscho that have someone like that guy "protecting" me.

Hmmm, maybe he could of pulled a 360 and ESCORTED them to the hospital? Good grief!

Pets are like family members and should be treated as such. If that would of been a person or a child this would not of happened!

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