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September 19, 2008

Broward Bite Law Claims a Couple's "Children''

   Two more Broward County dogs have run afoul of the odious new îîbite law'' that disregards both mitigating and aggravating circumstances in canine altercations.

   You bite, you fight, you so much as growl at someone who feels threatened? You die. No second chances, even for first-time offenders that have never been designated vicious. Four Siberian Huskies are on Death Row now because of this law (see previous post). Their owner is suing.

   Jennifer and Andreas Linnuste of Pembroke Pines are facing the same agony as the Huskies' owners. Their female American Staffordshire terrier, Haley, 4, and Boxer mix Caymen, 10, have been there since yesterday, too.

   I should note that I have not confirmed any of this with authorities at Animal Care and Regulation … I'm awaiting a callback, so I'm taking Jennifer, 35, at her word.

She says that a neighbor's Yorkie hopped through a hole in the the neighbor's fence, came to her yard and "aggravated'' her dogs. One pushed open a gate left unlatched by a worker and grabbed the Yorkie; the other never touched it, Jennifer insists.

   She said that her mother tried to pick up the Yorkie, which bit her, while she, Jennifer, grabbed the other dogs. She said she rushed the Yorkie to the vet, where it died. She said she paid a $3,600 vet bill.

   An investigation is underway, while Jennifer and her husband pay the county $25 per dog per day, even though they're in the same run. They are, needless to say, borderline hysterical about the fate of their beloved pets. They have no kids, and consider their dogs to be children.

   Should the investigation go their way, Caymen and Haley will go home. Should it not, there's an appeal: $500 per dog.

   "It was an accident,'' said Jennifer. "My dogs shouldn't die because of an accident.''

   It's sad that one dog died in this fight, but it would be even sadder if three died. It's a bad law and it should be repealed.


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Aging white folks just have to accept the fact that their child surrogates (usually their little bitty dogs and cats) cannot and will not be protected when they threaten the Latino community of Florida.

These aging whites need to take an interest in the New Americans that are replacing them and start making a difference in the lives of actual Hispanic people who are the New Florida.

It is so sad that the dying white race still desperately hangs on to their small creatures rather than make children or get involved in the lives of those around them.

This article is about us please visit our website to see more info or sign our petition to save our dogs.

Thank you to all the people who have been supportive through this tragic event, we appreciate all the inspiring messages we have received.



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