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October 03, 2008

All These Critters Need Homes

Dog1 Let's start with this little terrier, who looks like he's part Schnauzer. "He was running in the middle of the street when a friend stopped traffic to grab him...he's a good little guy... she has 2 dogs and can't keep him.... if you
are interested in giving him a good home please call Betty at 305-968-6172.''

Dog3 Next: Nose00_animals_pjtspets_ho A whole bunch of shepherd-mix puppies in various combos of the colors you see on this little sweetie. There are eight of them and they're six weeks old. Call: 305.670.3700.

Poodle00_animals_pjtspets_h_3 Poodle anyone? She's 10, she's blind, and some unspeakable jerk left her at a grooming studio four freaking months ago!! She's in good health. Call 305-409-8442 or

And, for a little variety, some kittens. "My husband and I rescued a young cat several months ago that turned out to be pregnant with 4 kittens!  The kittens are now a little over 9 weeks old and just adorable, they have had their first set of shots and are litter box trained.  All are indoor kitties, sweet, well natured, healthy, and of course, love to play!  We are keeping one kitten and the mother in addition to our older cat.'' Call   
561-391-0123 or 561.297.3868.

Toys00_animals_pjtspets_ho_2 White00_animals_pjtspets_ho_2 Rope00_animals_pjtspets_ho_3 
And last but CERTIANLY not least: Bear. He is, as you can see, a St. Bernard. Here's the story I got:


"Bear needs an adult-only home with no other pets. An adoption fell through, as Bear's insecurity issues became evident about 1.5 days after he was with this wonderful and loving family. It was "almost" perfect, as they had no children, BUT, they had a female SB, which adored Bear, up until Bear took emotional possession of the husband, and wouldn't allow the female SB anywhere near the husband. Bear is always "okay" and non-aggressive until he becomes emotionally attached to one person, then that's it....no other dogs are allowed to be in the household.  He's fine with a husband & wife, but NO children and NO other pets.


"So after biting this family's SB a few times...they said they didn't mind, as there were no tears, just some bites, they returned Bear to where he has been boarded these past few weeks (at $26. per day)....the husband and wife were both in tears, as they adored Bear, but their female SB was hiding in the house to keep away from Bear as he wanted to be king of their home. He's 15-months old, and will obey all commands...If there was ever an SB that deserved to live after everything this guy has been through, it's Bear.''

Contact roxannehinkle@mindspring.com.


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