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October 30, 2008

Jarvis Needs a VERY Special Home

Head00_jarvis_pjtspets_ho Brown00_jarvis_pjtspets_ho You can't imagine what this poor guy has been through. He was used as bait in a dog-fighting operation and as you can see, he lost an eye. Words can't express the bad things that should happen to people who cause this kind of travesty. Grateful Paws Rescue saved him, but he needs a home. Here's what I got from the rescuers:

"These stories are never good. He was not abandoned by someone who was foreclosed on.  He was not surrendered when someone passed.  He was not cast off because he no longer matched the sofa or left behind when someone moved.  Jarvis was a 'BAIT DOG'. But trust me when I say, those days are over. He is gentle and sweet and is still a bit confused at the attention he is getting, but in another week or so, will settle in and those of us who saw him initially, won't recognize him as the same dog. (And remember, a couple of Vick's former bait dogs are now visiting hospitals and nursing homes as therapy dogs.)

Jarvis was rescued from a bad neighborhood by a woman who feeds feral cats.  Admittedly, she doesn't know much about dogs, but she knew this guy was in bad shape and knew that if she left him where he was, he would most assuredly die an ugly death. His eye was badly injured and he was walking only on 3 legs. His head and body had multiple infected puncture wounds and honestly, it was questionable as to whether this dog could be saved. But after a 6-day stay under the care of Dr. Grasso at Hollywood Animal Hospital, a bath and some gentle and loving hands, he took a turn for the better: he began walking on all fours and started to eat. So we proceeded with the surgery to remove his infected eye. He has also been thoroughly examined, vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped.

But in the meantime, we are looking for a foster home for Jarvis.  Since he is still at the hospital, we are not sure about cats or kids - but the staff says that when he walks through the hospital, he is totally indifferent to other dogs.

Jarvis is about 2 years old and is full grown at about 35 pounds.  He is a total Heinz 57 with a little Boxer mixed in.  He is living at Hollywood Animal Hospital in Broward County. Remember - if you foster for us, we pay for, or provide everything you will need - AND - your time can be used for community or school service hours.


Interested parties may contact me directly:  954-579-3753 or by email. I do work days but I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you cannot foster and would like to make a contribution towards his vet care, we have a PAYPAL link on the main page of our website - or you can mail a check to 1881 SW 21 Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315.

Thanks so much. Jan Milbyer, GRATEFUL PAWS DOG & CAT RESCUE, INC.''


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