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October 28, 2008

Your Vote Helps Save Animals

The place: Sanctuary Animal Refuge in Clewiston, FL. It rescues critters of all kinds that can't find homes, be they dogs, cats, pigs, whatever. Here's the mission statement:

Sanctuary Animal Refuge is a not for profit no-kill organization dedicated to the overall protection, care and conservation of animals. We specialize in the rescue, care, and placement of our animals, and providing a life home for those animals that have been left behind and are not adoptable. We also specialize in the education of the children in our community; and are committed to teach and train how to properly care for animals through several programs offered at the Sanctuary, including a “Work and Earn” program that allows children who cannot afford and do not treat their animals properly to do so. By spending time helping at the Sanctuary they earn the right foods and medications to tend to their own animals as well as being taught the proper ways to feed, groom, handle and give basic care to the animals they love.

We fight for equal rights for all animals and fight for better and more stringent laws for those who mistreat or abuse animals. We believe that all animals have a right to live including those breeds that are harder to place or have been given the label as dangerous. By working directly with the community in both education and treatment we feel that we offer a better future for animals by a more knowledgeable foundation for the children in our community to grow and become more responsible animal owners. We also feel that by educating our community we also reduce the amount of animals abandoned, mistreated or put to sleep each year. We are committed to the betterment of animal life and community awareness

If you want to help support the facility, you can do so by voting in the Shelter Challenge sponsored by Petfinder.com. Go here to vote. Please.


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