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December 03, 2008

Unchain That Dog!!

From rescuer Margery Glickman - some smart ideas:

Beginning in April, chaining a dog will be illegal in Miami-Dade County unless a person is present to supervise the dog. It's important that we do everything possible to keep dog owners from surrendering their formerly chained dogs to the County's shelter. Please do whatever you can to help in this effort. 

1) Donate dog training classes. (Before working with the dogs, dog trainers have to go to a volunteer orientation at Animal Services if they haven't already done this. Each dog owner has to sign a release prior to taking the classes. Dog trainers don't need special insurance.)

2) Donate classes to train people to be dog trainers.

3) Educate people about the anti-tethering law.

     - Speak to groups or clubs.

     - Comb neighborhoods for chained dogs and educate owners.

4) Allow dog trainers to hold group classes on your property.

5) Ask veterinarians to distribute fact sheets about the law to their clients and/or display information about it in their office(s).

6) Duplicate dog training CD (blank CDs and cases provided). The CDs will be distributed to help people train their chained dogs.

7) Ask your veterinarian to allow training classes to be held in his/her office or parking lot.

8) Create a nonprofit organization that helps people fence their yards.

9) Ask a dog trainer to donate classes.

10) Learn how to train chained dogs.


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