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January 07, 2009

Head 'Em Up; Get 'Em Homes

Pups00_avocado_pets_ho_3 There's a ''puppy roundup'' going on in the Redland, where people dump dogs in the open fields and avocado groves. These two critters were the first caught. Looks to me that a shepherd was somehow involved.

There's an actual organization behind this effort. Here's the info I got: Rescuer Barbara St. Aubin started a 501c3 organization called This is The Dog, located in the Redland. Volunteers have spent several weekends trying to round up two litters of 10-week-old puppies born in the wild. A neighbor has been feeding several adult strays in the area for almost three years, now Barbara is helping. The plan is to find suitable homes for the puppies. The problem of dumped dogs in the area is endless. Bless all those who are trying to help.


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